Tutorial How to Register Lazada Publisher Affiliate Program

The affiliate marketing program is a collaboration between trading product owner companies and sales marketing where you can act as a promoter and promote products from a company that provides Affiliate Programs through social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and website. You will get a commission or reward if there are people who feel interested in the product you are promoting and transactions occur through the channel that you created. The amount of commission usually varies in the form of a percentage of the sale value of goods.

In general to join the affiliate program does not cost you the least you only need to submit an application (register) and provide a review of how you will promote the product later, including providing social media account information and a website that you will use as a product promotion vehicle.

In Indonesia itself there are many providers of affiliate marketing programs, one of which I will discuss is the Lazada Affiliate Program. Surely you are already familiar with who Lazada is, which is one of the biggest online shopping places in Southeast Asia.

Why should you try to take part in the Lazada Affiliate Program?

  • The biggest commission in the industry
  • Easy registration and fast activation
  • Real-time statistics report
  • The best conversion for millions of products
  • Promos and Links for Mobile Applications
  • Leading marketing technology
  • More than 6M USD was given to Affiliates in 2015
  • Professional support

How do I register for the Lazada Publisher Affiliate Program?

For those of you who feel interested, interested and want to try to become a Lazada Affiliate Program publisher, here I discuss the Lazada Affiliate Marketing Program registration procedure.

First of all please access the page Lazada Affiliate Progam
On the Lazada Affiliate Program Klick menu page DAFTAR

The registration form page window appears, please fill in according to your identity in accordance with population data starting & nbsp; from the name, address, and url of your social media profile and don't forget to upload your identity document, you can use your KTP, SIM or Passport Click Next to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2 registration form contains the country, address, mobile contact number, and social media profile URL.

Next click to continue, you will be taken to the registration stage page number 3 including your full name, mobile contact number, bank account, address and upload of payment documents can be in the form of an account book.

After completing your Bank Payment Info data, click Next to proceed to stage 4, which includes a website address URL, a brief description of your website, product choices that you will later promote, promotion area, information on your income in other affiliate programs and what makes you want to become The Lazada affiliate publisher and where you get the Lazada Affiliate Program information.

After all the steps are filled out correctly and well, please check the service agreement and The Lazada provocation policy and click submit to proceed with the submission request.

Until here you have succeeded and finished applying for registration to join The Lazada affiliate publisher.

The next step is to wait for the Lazada team's review and decision to approve your application or vice versa. The review period is 3-5 working days. I myself have tried it and information on the results of the new review I received 5 days from registration.

The results are more or less like this, my proposal to become a Lazada Affiliate publisher was not approved, on the grounds that Lazada did not accept Individual affiliation and gave me a second chance to try again by editing the registration profile.

From this, it follows that if you want to get a great opportunity so that your proposal can be immediately approved by Lazada you must change the profile of the proposal as if you are from an organization.

I myself have not tried, and still, try to apply for the 2nd time as an Individual affiliate because at the time of the first registration there were some points that I did not complete. Maybe if later it turns out that I was still rejected I would use the second method as I recommended above.

Thus the Tutorial on how to Register Lazada Publisher Affiliate Marketing Program may be useful for those of you who are looking for a trusted affiliate program in the Southeast Asia region, especially in Indonesia.
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