Tutorial How to Convert JPG Images to PDF with WPS Office

Of all the cool features that are served on the WPS Office application that is no less interesting, namely the Conver Picture (Picture) JPG to PDF feature. with the Convert Picture to PDF feature, of course, the job of converting Image files to PDF becomes easy without the need to use a converter software that is paid on average.

Immediately, here is very curious and I have tried it, what it's actually like the procedure and the results of converting Picture to PDF WPS Office.

First of all, run the WPS Office Application on your Computer or Laptop Desktop, for those of you who don't have it, you can download the WPS Office installer setups on the Official Website wps.com

Select Menu Picture to PDF as shown in the screenshot below, then drag or click add to load the target image that will be used as a PDF file.

For example here I will choose one of the images on my personal computer, select the image then click Open.

There are two options for display format options for converting images, first by displaying A4 paper size, the results will be like preview, there will be an empty area frame with the center image position in the middle of the paper.

The second option is to convert the full image later without the edge of the empty area on the bag, as shown in the screenshot below. I think this option is the most appropriate choice where the PFD image size follows the original size or the original size of the image.

Click Star Conversion to start Convert Picture to PDF. Then the Export dialog will appear where you can change the name and default directory of the converted storage.

For example here I change the drive or storage location to convert to Deksto and name the Picture Test file

The Convert process only lasts a few seconds, after the notification Congratulations Convert Successfully appears. To open a file in the storage directory location select Open Directory and to see the results of the convert directly select View File.

The results are very perfect as shown in the screenshot below. But here the results of the convert contain WPS Office brand watermark. This happens because I still use WPS Office on a Free account basis. for convert results without watermark you have to upgrade your account to WPF Office Premium Account.

If the results of the convert are opened using the WPS PDF application, on the right menu there are some cool WPS Office files that can only be used in full on the premium account.

Thus the Tutorial How to Convert JPG Images to PDF using the WPS Office Convension Picture to PDF Application. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to your return in the future.
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