Tutorial How to Block Invite WhatsApp Groups

One of the media promotion of products and services as well as the interaction media of the social media community that lately has a high volume of users is WhatsApp. if in the past people were more inclined to promote products and services and to form community groups through Facebook now many people have begun to switch to using WhatsApp.

Maybe you have experienced being put into a certain WhatsApp Group by friends, relatives, coworkers or even by people you don't know at all without confirmation of notification. the point which is very annoying is where we are put into the WhatsApp Group whose purpose and purpose are unclear.

In addition to opening up the existence of negative impacts and/or negative effects from being combined into certain WhatsApp Group members, Juka on average gives a feeling of discomfort where the WhatsApp Group has hundreds or thousands of members and it has been confirmed that there are chat notifications that continue to appear on the WhatsApp Application.

Especially if you are activating the WhatsApp backup, message and video backup feature automatically, you can be sure that the internal & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; android mobile will be drained drastically. for mobile users with low specifications are very at risk of hang or error because it exceeds the power and storage capabilities.

Here I will share Tutorial & nbsp; How To Be Not Easy or Random in Entering WhatsApp Group Members by Others. So without your own confirmation of approval, no one else can carelessly enter into the WhatsApp Group. Group admins can only send invitations to join, and you decide whether to join or ignore invitations sent by certain WhatsApp Admin Groups.

Open the menu after your WhatsApp account then select the Privacy menu

In the WhatsApp Account Privacy settings, window select the Group option

Then choose who can add you to the group, By default, it is active Everyone which means anyone can enter you into the WhatsApp group without having to send invitations and get confirmation of approval to join from you.

Please change it to My Contact which means that the Group Admin must send an invitation and get confirmation of your agreement to join the Group.

Or you can choose My Contact Options except I, so you can allow some people you trust to enter you as a member of their WhatsApp Group without having to send invitations and get confirmation of your approval. as well as blocking a number of people from being able to enter anyone into their WhatsApp Group.

Thus Tutorial How to your WhatsApp account is not arbitrary and easily entered into the WhatsApp Group by others. I hope this tutorial can be a solution for those of you who often experience WhatsApp Group entered by unknown people who could have a negative impact and even harm you.
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