Tutorial How to Add Cool Emoticon Stickers so Cute WhatsApp

One way to express feelings or unspoken responses when chatting with friends or girlfriends on social media applications such as WhatsApp is to send stickers or emoticons that represent expressions of feelings or responses without having to write them in a series of words. this is much-loved or liked by most people. Even the Emoticon Sticker feature is often used as a supplementary supplement to enhance your WhatsApp status or chat messages.

WhatsApp application itself by default has provided various complex Emoticon choices. But for the appearance of the Emoticons are still standard and seem mediocre. For those of you who like to send WhatsApp to chat messages or status updates with the addition of various emoticons to look beautiful and perfect this stock is available a lot of Custom Emoticon Stickers which can be added in WhatsApp Apps such as Korean artist image emoticons, love-themed cartoon emoticons, and so on.

Now let's start adding Cool Emoticons so Cute WhatsApp Stickers that you can use in status updates and chat with friends or boyfriend so your status and chat will look unique and different, he ... he ... steady soul for sure.

Cool Emoticon stickers for WhatsApp you can get gently on the Play Store. Open the PlayStore Application then in the search field type the keyword WhatsApp Stickers.

Will appear a lot of choices WhatsApp Cool Emoticon Stickers, please select and install which you like. For Example Admin will Add 3 WhatsApp Hijab Beautiful Girls stickers, Romantic Love Stickers and Korean WhatsApp Idol Stickers.

After finished selecting and installing the WhatsApp stickers that you like, open one by one the WhatsApp Stickers application, we need to manually apply add (add) stickers to the WhatsApp Application.

After opening WhatsApp Sticker Packs select the + button to add to the sticker line that you like and want to add.

A notification will appear on the Add sticker notification, Select ADD

Open the Add WhatsApp Emoticon Stickers application that has been previously installed like the way above tab + to add.

Now it's time to see the results, after we finish adding various WhatsApp Emoticon Stickers options open the WhatsApp Application and enter the Chat menu then select the Emoticon tab.

Tara ...... WhatsApp Cool so Cute sticker was successfully added, cool ..... one time right mentor?

Now Chat boyfriend becomes more exciting ... and fun ... really ..... of course. hehe...

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