Tips on How to Register for Google News Publisher

Google News Publisher is a service that is quite popular as a vehicle or news and information media that automatically displays news and information from various media including the Non-News public website. with Google News, you can search and find news based on needs based on the search keywords you use..

The presence of Google News is very useful not only for newsreaders and other general information, more than that Google News also has a very good impact on the development of websites that become Google News publishers. if you want your favorite blog content to be displayed on Google News news pages, you must register your Blog with the Google News Publisher Program.

This article will discuss tips for making Blogs easily and quickly approved as a Google News Publisher. But before that you need to know the benefits of being a Google News Publisher in the following :

Blogs And Their Content Easier to Compete and Appear on the First Page of Google Search

Blogs with unique, informative and high-quality article content that can be accounted for are truthfully liked by the Google News Team, most likely to be included in the Main News list. Your blog's reputation will be better in the eyes of Google and consider your blog worthy to be displayed and ranked in the top 10 of Google's search results by users.

As we all know that to be able to occupy the top position in Google's search results page is not easy, if for Beginner Bloggers who do not know the SEO Blog techniques that are good and right. need real effort and never give up on SEO blog optimization in search engines like Google. With the success of becoming a Google News Publisher you do not need to bother and spend a lot of money to learn SEO techniques that are very complex. just by making the blog content always up to date, your blog has a great opportunity to be displayed on the Google News page so you can easily get lots of visitors.

Significant increase in Blog Visitor Traffic

By displaying your blog content on Google News, it will be easier for users to find your blog content outside of search results. because Android users who automatically use the Google News Application will get notifications about news information or the latest content from blogs that become Google News Publishers. not to mention if readers are satisfied with the quality and informative content of your blog, they will not hesitate to follow your Google News Blog page. So that readers will more easily find and subscribe to the latest published content updates.

A vehicle for Effective Branding Promotion

If your blog presents and offers quality content that only benefits readers and is informative, it will have a very positive impact. Besides readers will visit your blog more often, your blog will be considered as a trusted source of information. this is very useful in the process of building a Blog brand in the eyes of readers and search engines like Google.

The opportunity to get many free backlinks by themselves

A backlink is a link that leads from one blog to another. The role of Backlin in improving blog performance and creativity is very large. average blog content that often and/or dominates Google search results comes from large blogs with a large number of quality backlinks.

Blog content that is informative and has many benefits is highly recommended by Google News and will be a source of reference for other bloggers by linking to links that point to the blog page that is used as a reference source for the content they make.

Vehicle for Promotion of free Blog with no doubt about its Quality

Google News is one of the right media to be used as a promotional tool for blogs and their content in a free manner. You do not need to pay for blog promotions such as using ads as a way to popularize your blog. with Google News you can attract readers through well-presented content, your blog will be popular, it can be that blog traffic will rise dramatically because it can be easily found by millions of Google News users every day.

Tips For Blogs that are easily and quickly approved as a Google News Publisher. 

Here are some tips that you can apply before starting and when registering a Blog with the Google News Publisher Program based on my own experience.

Where this week the Blog Sharing Tutorial Online Alhamdulillah was declared Approved to be part of the Google News Publisher:

1. Create quality and informative content

Quality and informative content that I mean here is a content that provides many benefits to others with clear information and can be justified. so Google will assume that blog content is really worthy of being a trusted source of information. Also pay attention to how to write content, avoid using abbreviated words and slang languages. use good and correct writing. standard language.

2. Avoid Copying Other People's Content

Plagiarism content is very disliked by Google, where the act of plagiarism is an act that is strictly prohibited and has clearly been detrimental to others. as per the terms of the targeted blog content for AdSense, it must meet the eligibility standards and may not contain copied content. If it is proven that a blog that publishes copied content will be rejected, as will Google News. including here avoid the habit of plagiarizing other blog postings by rewrite.

If you are interested in discussing the same topic, do not copy the text even if it is partial or small, create content in your own words so that the results do not indicate plagiarism. take the information you need then express it in written form with a series of different words to make it look original unique.

3. Diligently Update Posts During the Review Period

One of the conditions that must be met both during the review period and when a blog has been approved as a Google News Publisher is always up to date. Lots of information circulating that in fact to become a Google News blog publisher must have more than one writer. This requirement certainly aims to ensure that the Blog really publishes content regularly every day. If posts are not updated regularly, the blog will sink in time and the contents will not be displayed on the Google News page. I have proven that blogs submitted by Google News do not have to be managed and/or have a large number of authors. Online Tutorial Sharing Blogs I manage alone, to update posts I always try at least one day one post. but sometimes I also do not update posts at all because of the daily busyness in the real world.

4. Use Templates that are SEO and Responsive

As we know that the requirements for blogs to be able to compete with competitors in addition to quality content are also influenced by the appearance of the blog itself. Blogs with Responsive and SEO Friendly page views will be preferred by readers and Google. I myself use AMP Templates which can certainly be prioritized page load speed. Use SEO Friendly templates and don't have to look like a Blog news template like most Bloggers out there say. It would be better if you use Premium Templates and avoid using cloned templates or premium templates that are distributed politically by irresponsible individuals which of course the template makers will not be happy and willing to share their free templates. it could be if the Owner Template does not accept the Blog that you have managed to manage day and night affected by taking Down.

5. Pray and be sure that you can

In addition to business in the form of real work, the need for accompaniment prayer. As Humans who believe in the existence of God and also that everything is God is the one who arranges and decides it. we as humans are only obliged to try as much as possible in accordance with their respective abilities, but for the results leave it entirely to God Almighty. ask him through prayer in every time you start doing blogging and worship activities to be given the ease in achieving the desired goals. Rest assured that everything that starts with a Good and has a good purpose will get the blessing of God and also his help. do not give up easily, keep trying and believe that you can, failure is not a reason to break up and give up, but success is delayed. Remember the best teacher is the experience gained and sometimes starts from failure.

Thus a brief description of tips on how to make a Blog easily and quickly approved as a Google News Publisher Indonesia that can be applied before starting and when registering a Blog in the Google News Program. hopefully what I say and add insight and provide benefits for those of you who read it. Sorry if there is a word wrong, or the discussion is incorrect, or even inappropriate. please ask if there are things that can be understood, enter your criticism, arguments, and suggestions by commenting.
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