The Latest Permanent Smadav Pro Activation

One of the legendary Local Antiviruses in the Indonesian Archipelago is SMADV which is an additional second layer Antivirus for Indonesian Windows Computer and Laptop Users. first, before the update in 2019 Smadaf when the computer or laptop was opened and the desktop window did not appear From SmaRTP and Smadav Fee Message Information. but now the 2019 Smadav Anti Virus update for free base users will surely be welcomed with the form as shown in the screenshot below:

To eliminate the smaRTP Form at Windows Start-up and also message information that you are using Smadav Free. To get rid of messages when you first open and to use all the full features of smadav, you have to buy a key/license for smadav pro-registration.

on this occasion, I will share a tutorial on how to get rid of the smaRTP Form at Windows Start-up and also an information message that you are using Smadav Free, which of course makes it uncomfortable to use the license key that is gently obtained through searching results that later the Smadav that we use becomes the Pro Version and can activate all the features in the pro version Smadav gently.

Usually if we use a License Key from the results of googling not long after a few minutes, hours, days, or months will be detected that the key is not an official alias pirated so that the smadav that we use will be returned automatically to the Smadav Free version. but with the tutorial that I am going to this section, hopefully smadav which is successfully registered using the license key will continue to be safe and permanent throughout the year and free from pirated key black list.

Actually the beginning or the thing that caused Smadav was detected using pirated keys & nbsp; and returning to the free version is because we provide internet access to the Samadav antivirus application itself. so Smadav will automatically analyze the key used whether registered in the database or not. To overcome this, we need to block the internet access of the Smadav application, so that the key that we use is safe, the free quotient is not detected.

How to block internet application programs installed on windows is very easy, open the Windows page & nbsp; Firewal then select the Advanced Settings menu.

In the Windows Firewal With Advanced Security window select the Inbound Rules menu. In the second stage & nbsp; will also use the Outbound Rules menu later. Now we go to the Inbound Rules first. After you click Inbound Rules, the Action menu appears on the right, select New Rule...

Click Next, then Select Browse Menu

Look for the smadav installation folder directory in Program Files (x86), the result looks like the screenshot below shows a collection of smadav installation files.

We will block the internet access of all smadav files with the Application extension. As shown in the picture above I gave a red box. Choose from the first SmadavHelper click Open then Klick Next

In the New Inbound Wizard window, select the Block the connection menu and then click Next

Make sure Domain, Private, Public are listed then click Next to continue

Give a Name and Description according to your wishes, then Klick Finis

Repeat the steps above for the 5 smadav application files, for the name and description to make it the same so it's easier and less hassle.

Next steps Select the Outbound Rules Menu, then on the Action menu Select New Rules

Do it step by step as applied in the previous step, block the 6 files with the smadav application extension and don't miss anything.

Now is the time to register for Smadav Pro Activation using the Free Googling results key through the Settings menu, use the following license key Name: & nbsp; Key: 991399442460 choose Indonesian or English then click Register.

Congratulations ... Smadav Pro is now active, check all the basic settings and additional settings to activate the Smadav Pro feature.

With the above method, hopefully the smadav pro that you register or activate using the google search key will last forever the permanent life time of smadav pro. if there is a new update you just download and reinstall smadav pro to update the latest version and data base from smadav.
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