How to Register KASKUS Forum for the Latest Blog Promotion

How to Register KASKUS. A media site or network & nbsp; I tried this new social week to serve as a place to promote the following blog post content is KASKUS. After previously I tried using Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

KASKUS is a site where people share various kinds of information in the form of writing or articles, both news, and tutorial. Kaskus can also be used for buying and selling goods or services like other online shopping centers such as Open Stalls, Pedia Shops, and Shoope. therefore Kaskus can be utilized by content creators such as bloggers to share information in the form of posts and once promoting a blog to get readers from the public Kaskus.

How to Register OR Create an Account on KAKUS is very easy, you only need to access the page  KASKUS Website website then fill out the registration form. The following are the steps to create an account at KASKUS that can be a reference for you.

1. Open the KASKUS official website

2. On the home page KASKUS Klick Menu LOG-IN

3. Select the List Menu in the upper right corner

4. Fill in the registration form starting from email, username, and password

5. Checklist I am not a Robot then click List

6. Kaskus account creation is almost successful, a message appears to Thank you for joining KASKUS and directions for verification of registration using the OTP code sent via email message.

7. Check Email Inbox, find the message that contains the Kaskus Account Verification OTP code

8. Enter the OTP code according to what is in the e-mail message, then click OTP Submit

9. Registration or KASKUS Account Registration is complete and successful, now you already have an account at KASKUS.

10. The next step is to complete the detailed account information or your Kaskus Account Profile

11. Click menu Complete Profile, then fill in the data requested there in accordance with your residential identity. You will be asked to upload your KTP and PasPhoto holds a KTP to verify your Population Identity Card (KTP).

12Verification process is usually not too long, wait for up to 1 x 24 hours

After you successfully register and create a KASKUS Account you can start creating threads or posts on Kaskus. Make interesting posts to promote all post content that has been published on your blog through Kaskus Thread.

Thus the Tutorial How to easily Create and Register a KASKUS Account as a vehicle for various information and knowledge and also as a promotional place for Blog Post Content to more quickly get and bring in a lot of readers from KASKUS users. good luck and success for you, don't forget to like Fanspage, Subscribe and Share this post to your friends who need it.
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