Tutorial How to Make Article Posts in KASKUS

KASKUS is one of the social networking media that can be used by content creators like bloggers as a vehicle to promote blogs and post content that has just been published so that it can more quickly bring in a lot of readers. apart from promoting blog posts or articles on Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, Pinterest, Tumbrl, and LikedIn.

To be able to make an Article Post or Thread on KASKUS you must first have a KASKUS Account. .for how to register and create an account at KASKUS I have discussed in the previous tutorial, for those of you who want to read it, please visit my post titled: Tutorial on How to Register a KASKUS Account Forum for the Latest Blog Promotion

How to Make an Article or Thread on KASKUS

The following Guide How to Create a Thread on KASKUS as a place to promote Post Content or Blog Articles to get reader traffic from KASKUS users:

1. Open the KASKUS website page, then log in using your KASKUS account.

2. On the KASKUS website home page select the CREATE THREAD menu

3. Fill in the Article Title Thread and start to write a Thread. Add your article's sweetener image to make it look more attractive using the text editor tool & nbsp; thread that is in the area below the thread contents column.

4. After you finish writing or pasting a few paragraphs of snippet copy from the Blog post, specify the Category. Look for categories that match the contents of your article.

5. If you don't want to direct the reader to the actual blog post page, you can & nbsp; plant a link with the tag Read More....

6. Paste the URL of the Blog Post URL then click OK

7. After all is enough, click POST to start publishing your article or thread on the CASE THREAD..

8. Wait a few seconds or minutes until the Thread Article that you have created is successfully published

9. Finished, you have successfully created an article or thread on Kaskus that will be displayed on the Kaskus Thread page and can be accessed by public users of KASKUS.

You can view and monitor the results of tread publications on KASKUS through the Profile menu to the right of the Bell icon.

The results of the publication of Thread on Kaskus are pretty good and quite good, it seems that some of the threads that I have published have started to get readers even though there are only a few dozen

That's the Tutorial Guide on how to create an article thread on Kaskus, which you can make as a vehicle to promote blog post articles so that it can bring in more readers, especially public users or Kaskus users. I hope what I have said above is easy to understand and if there is something unclear please leave a message through the comments.
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