How to Send Photos Via WhatApp Oginal Size High Resolution

Using the WhatApp application to share photo files is the most common thing done by Android mobile users compared to using other social media applications such as Facebook or Email.

As we know sending photos through Social Media Applications is the easiest thing to do to share photos with friends, relatives, boyfriends or acquaintances compared to sending photos via email that rarely can people do. but often the photos that we send either via Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp are reduced in resolution. So when we want to print photos of the shipment the results are less sharp and even blurred. this may be due to the auto compress file system by the social media application server that we use with the aim of reducing the burden on the server.

During this time the solution to sending photos online so that the quality size and resolution is not reduced is to use Email. Unfortunately not many people can send files or photos via email because knowledge is needed about how to send files via email is not as easy as sending a file or photo using facebook, messsenger or whatsapp where we just press the add photo button then press the send button complete.

Admin recently got tips for sending photo files via WhatsApp with Original Size and Resolution. so that the photo file when we send and receive by the recipient of the file will be the same as the original both in size and resolution so that the photo of the shipment remains sharp and clear in accordance with the original when it wants to be printed.

Sending photos using this method is actually almost the same as we send photos via WhatsApp as usual. But only different forms of documents sent.

When you want to send a photo you will definitely press the camera button to the left of the microphone icon, then a choice of file type will appear and we usually choose the Camera or Gallery. for this method a little different where the photos we send are not through the Camera or Gallery but through the Documents menu.

Select the Documents menu to start sending the target photo, then we will be directed to explore Mobile file manager, please select the target photo to be sent.

Press the Send button to confirm the sender of the photo to be shared. By using this method, the photo file format that is sent is not the usual photo file format that can be directly opened directly. because we when sending photos choose the form of a document file, the Android Mobile system will automatically compress or change the file type to a document with the Tar file extension.

Then how to open it?
To open photo files sent using this method we need the help of an additional application called AndroidZip. You can get it geratis through PlayStore.

First install the AdroidZip Application through PlayStore, then after the installation is complete open the AndroidZip Application.

All shipment files and those we send via WhatsApp are stored in the WhatsApp folder, so select the WhatsApp Folder to open the photo of the shipment.

WhatsApp document files are in the Media folder, so select Media Folder

Because we send the file in the form of a document automatically the file will be saved in the WhatsApp Dokumens folder. Select the WhatsApp Documents folder to open the shipment file.

For example the file Admin sent in this tutorial is "Entity Copy.JPG" with the AndroidZip Application, the file looks like a Photo file in general JPG format. if you open it through the File Manager or through WhatsApp Chat, the file will be in the Tar format and cannot be opened unless you use the AndroidZip Application.

Open the shipment photo, an action option will appear, just select Send To ... to extract the file to Android's Internal / External memory so that later this photo file can be accessed through the Gallery.

Then select the extraction location, in this example the Android Mobile Admin only has Internal Memory. You can choose to place the extrack photo file on your internal or external memory memory.

Specify where you will save the extracted photos, for example Admin put it in the DCIM photo storage folder

Select the Paste menu on the left to complete the extract, and the result as shown below shows the file name "Entity copy.jpg has been successfully extracted.

Press the photo file to open the shipment image file, now this photo file will also appear and can be accessed through your Mobile Photo Gallery with the quality of the size and resolution of the original photo as the original file.

That's the right way to send photos so that the size and resolution is not compressed through the WhatsApp application so that the shipment photo is exactly the same as the original file. See you in the next tutorial.
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