How to Overcome Forgotten Google Android Password

The case of forgetting Google Account passwords for Android Mobile users is one type of case that often occurs. Where Mobile users do not know their own Google Account password that has been logged and synchronized with his cellphone. on average this happens for novice Android users who buy mobile phones at the same time asking the seller's help to make a Google Account as well. where Google Account ownership is a must-have for Android users because if not, it will certainly be difficult when updating applications or downloading official applications from Playstore.

Actually not forever the case of forgetting the Google Account Password must create a new Google Account, or have to do a ByPass using the bypass application. for those who are accustomed to handling cases of forgetting passwords like this, of course, it is an easy thing to use the help of the bypass application but for those who still lay, of course, will find it difficult to implement the method.

The following Admin describes the easiest way to overcome forgotten Google Account password on Android Mobile with the condition that the account is still logged on the target cellphone and is not locked FRP means that the email can still be accessed but forgot the password so you can't log out and want to try to log in using another device such as a laptop, or just want to know the password just in case.

First of all please use your Computer or Laptop Browser, which can be via Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox to access the Gmail page.

Enter the target email address that forgot the password, then continue to log in by clicking the Next menu...

Please select the Forgot Password option

Enter the last password be remembered by the owner of the Mobile, if really forget just enter the words that are slightly connected, for example, the name of the owner ends with the number 1234 then click Next

A notification check command will appear, Google will send a numeric code to access the account to the target Android phone. The time limit provided is not too long, only for a few minutes, so try to keep the cellphone monitored so that it can directly access the numeric code that will appear on the cellphone screen of the account owner.

Click Resend to restart the login process via the Number Code tab on the Android handphone account holder.

For example in this second repeater command-tab in number 4, then the account owner's cellphone will display the Account Recovery Confirmation Security notification.

Open the account recovery confirmation notification then press the number corresponding to the number that appears on the computer or laptop browser. when the number code is pressed is the same as the number that appears on the computer or laptop browser screen, the account recovery process will automatically be accessed, and there is a command to create a new strong password and not be used for other sites.

The point here is not being used for other sites is that when password recovery is applied, the account login password changes and automatically accounts that are logged or synchronized on other devices or sites will log out by themselves.

Enter a new passcode combination of letters and numbers of at least 8 characters/letters then confirm the new password by entering the same password then press next. At this point the process of overcoming or recovering the Forgotten Google Account password on an android mobile phone is complete.

The case of forgetting the Google Account password on an Android cellphone that can still be accessed without a locked FRP can easily be reset or reset the password using a browser on a computer or laptop.
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