How to Overcome the Application by.U Blank Not Responding

By.U application that is Blank Not Responding. For the first time during usage of the by.U Application I have a problem where the by.U Application cannot run as it should. When the by.U application is run it is only lodging in the logo and looks blank not responding. I tried to wait but it still does not open and I try repeatedly to run the application by. U the results remain the same.

At first I thought this was due to an Internet network that might be less stable, but after I tried it several times with different time vulnerable Applications by.U still I error could not be opened. while a normal and stable Internet network can be used to access other Android applications and also to browse on Google.

Crossed my mind, maybe by.U application needs to be updated. I immediately tried to check the application update by.U through PlayStore. It turns out that the latest update from the application by.U. Without thinking, I immediately confirmed the application update by.U.

After waiting for a few minutes, finally the application update process by.U is complete and successfu

The results turned out to be correct, after I did the update application by.U can be accessed as it should. That means the cause of the application by.U blank not respoding is because the application has expired and needs to be fixed, and possibly from the application developer by .u deliberately disable application access that has expired.

Such is a Short Tutorial on How to Overcome the Application by.U Telkomsel which Blank Not Respoding cannot be opened as it should be due to the expiration of the Application so it needs an update action. Final words of warm greetings by.U Telkomsel Indonesia users.
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