How to Limit Access Permission Comments on Facebook Status

Restrict Access to Comment Permissions on Facebook Status. Have you ever found the status of a friend or other person either in frilly news or on the Facebook Group that can't be commented on? When you feel moved to comment and access the comment options a notification appears that the owner has disabled comments on their status. here I will various tutorials on how you can also limit access to public comments on your status both in the Home News and the status that you share on a certain Facebook Grop.

In this way, only certain people can comment on your status on Facebook, your friends or friends of friends. While for others who have absolutely no relationship with you either directly or friends with your friends on Facebook will not be able to comment.

This tutorial is not a way for comments on Facebook to be visible to others, but only to limit or filter your status comment permission. if you want your comment not to be seen by others then don't comment, or if you've commented immediately delete your comment so that it can no longer be seen by anyone. in other words, it can also be used to eliminate automatic comments on Facebook which by default are public.

How to Restrict Access to Public Status Comments on Facebook:

1. Open your Facebook profile page, then click the triangle icon in the top right corner, if you use the Facebook Android Application tab three lines in a vertical line down.

2. Select the Settings menu

3. In the menu row on the left select Public Posting Menu

4. Click Edit on the Public Posting Comment Options

5. Choose one of the 3 Options Options; Public, Friends of Friends, Friends


  • Public: Includes everyone or anyone who sees your status or post on Facebook, including people who don't follow you on Facebook.
  • Friends: Includes all your friends on Facebook with the exception of friends who you marked or blocked intentionally to not be able to see your status. & nbsp;
  • Friends of Friends: Includes all your friends on Facebook including & nbsp; friends of your friends who see your status or posts on Facebook.

Thus Tutorial How to limit permissions or access status comments on Facebook so that they are not public and only certain people can comment on your status. in this way you can minimize negative comments and make the commentator can only comment on his heart can not overflow in writing on Facebook.
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