How to Get Free Quota 2GB RichGiga by.U Telkomsel

Free quota 2GB #RichGiga by.U Telkomsel. These weeks Telkomsel's Latest Provider of Digital Multipurpose Internet, namely by.U Telkomsel, is incessantly promoting to get new customers. one of the promotions that is currently ongoing is the RichGiga Referral Link Program, which invites others to switch to using the Telkomsel by.U Card by spreading the Referral Link which directs new users to download the by.U application and then buy a GSM card by .u online.

For members of Telkomsel's by.U Card users who successfully invite close friends, family or other people to use the by card starting from downloading and installing the application on Android, making a purchase up to the Card Activation process will be rewarded with a quota of 2 GB per account.

At first, I was not very interested in this promotion, but because several times a notification often appeared on the telephone screen I also tried to share it through the social media status that I used, namely Facebook and also I tried to promote it through this post, maybe my fate good and can get free quota bonus from by.u Telkomsel.

It all depends on luck or luck because inviting others to use new products is not easy. .Moreover, this Telkomsel New Output SIM Card can only be ordered directly online and is not available at the counters because it is not sold to resellers such as mobile phone shops or retail outlets.

To buy it you also have to use a Google Account and can't buy multiple cards using one Google Account. Each card must be ordered using a different email. From this beginning the difficulty of inviting people to buy and use Telkomsel's by.U Card. but behind this rule, a lot of other positive benefits are obtained for more details you can visit directly to the Official site by.U Telkomsel for more information on product details.

Free Internet quota bonus from by.U unfortunately only valid for 7 days. But from this opportunity wasted better exploited, yet all the free only by stocking the Referral link does not need to be at length in promoting it.

If your friend asks questions about the Telkomsel by.U Card, how to get or order a card, how to activate the card, how to buy an internet package and topping by.U. You do not need to talk much and at length just by sending a screenshot or image below everything is ok.

Figure: Guide on how to move on to by.U Telkomsel

Figure: Guide on how to easily activate Sim Card by.U

Figure: Easy Ways Guide to Get Quota Bonuses & nbsp; 2GB / 7 Days by.U

Interestingly every friend who moves on to by.U thanks to the Referral Link that you share automatically will also get an additional free Quota of 2GB with an active period of 7 days. So it's not just you who benefits, your friends also get free RichGiga Quota Bonus by.U.

What are you waiting for let's move on to by.U, Order Card by.U through the following link: Buy by.U Telkomsel Now & nbsp; and get 2GB Extra Quota

No need to worry about the GSM Digital Card network by.U guaranteed to be used in all corners of Indonesia. I have been using Telkomsel's by.U Card for a long time, Alhamdulillah, until now there has never been a problem

Besides the cheap internet quota and toping and the price remains unchanged in price like most other Telkomsel Card internet quota packages such as Ace and Simpati Cards, even if you buy many times in a short period of time.

Charging Credit Card by.U can now also be done through credit sellers, you can easily buy standard pulses at Telkomsel credit seller counters. Unlike before, when the card was released, the top-up could only be done via Internet Banking, ATM and Indomart

How to Rendem Voucher #RichGIGA by.U

After the By.U Prime Card Order through the Referral Link is up and activated, the Prime card will automatically get an additional #RichGiga Quota bonus of 2GB. Likewise the Referral Account holder will also immediately receive a # GBichGiga Quota Bonus of 2 GB but must be activated with a Rendem Voucher.

1. Open the By.U Application 2. The Card Profile Photo tab then select the My Reward menu 3. Enter the Unused Tab Menu, then Open 2GB #RichGiga Voucher 4. Reedem Menu Tab Now
5. Confirmation of Activation of Vouchers & nbsp; #RichGiga of 2 GB
6completed, Voucher & nbsp; #RichGiga of 2 GB is active and can be used with an active period of 7 days

That's how to get a quota of 2GB RichGiga free from by.U Telkomsel by inviting friends to move on to.U through the Referral Link that you share. If this article is useful, don't forget to share it with friends so they also know how to get the free Quota bonus from .u Telkomsel.
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