Tutorial How to Download MEGA Free Limit Quota Exceeded File

Downloading files stored in Mega Cloud for Free Account users with a file capacity that will be downloaded over 2.5 GB is not as easy as downloading files in other Cloud Online such as Google Drive and Mediafire and other online clouds.

The reason for users of Gree Account Mega quota file downloads is limited to around 2.7 GB for maximum downloads per IP Adrees. Users must upgrade to a premium account in order to download files from Cloud Mega without limits. if the file you downloaded exceeds the 2.7 GB size it can be ascertained when the download process reaches 2.7 a warning will appear Limit Quota Exceeded IP Adrees automatically the download process will stop.

To overcome this for you, the owner of a free Mega Mega Account when the download process has reached the maximum limit of free account user quota while the download process has not been completed and must be resumed You can try an alternative way that is by changing the IP address through internet data reconnection.

Mega file download process itself there are two ways, the first through the browser directly as shown in the screenshot above or through the Mega Dekstop Downloader Application. You can get the Mega Dekstop Downloader Application on the Mega Cloud Official Website.

After you download the Mega Dekstop Downloader Application Installer and install it, Vaficon will appear in the bar area to the right of the desktop screen.

To download files using Mega Desktop Downloader, Mega Click Favicon then a Mega Downloader window will appear, select the menu as shown in the screenshot below:

Then Select the Download Menu, in the upper right corner, click Add, then select Import Links

Copy and enter the file download link in the Adressbar Browser in the Mega File Links area

Click Submite, then the file download process through the Mega Dekstop Downloader application will run automatically.

Tips so that you don't get a Quota Exceeded Limit when downloading files that exceed the maximum capacity of the Mega free account, either using the Browser or using the Mega Desktop Downloader Application, when the download process has reached 2 GB - 2.5 GB, do pause downloading the file by clicking Pause Download.

Then disconnect the internet connection and reconnect internet access (Restart Data) so that the IP address used for the download changes. Before Klick Resume Download make sure the internet connection is really connected to the computer. You can try to do a test by opening any page on the website or trying to find something on Google..

Hopefully you can avoid exceeding the quota limit when downloading files in Mega Cloud using Mega Free Account. if you forget to pause downloading a file and have been hit by a download access limit you can read the tutorial How to Resolve Limit Quota Exceeded Download File in Mega Cloud. 
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