How to Disable Enable Auto Download WhatsApp Chat

Sharing text information by attaching data files such as photos, Microsoft documents both word, xl or PDF as well as other file types using WhatsApp is something that is currently being done by the general public. with WhatsApp, the process of sharing information and data becomes easier, simpler and more efficient.

In terms of getting WhatsApp chat attachment File itself, there are 2 download settings options, the first is auto-download file and the second is a manual download file. by default, the WhatsApp application activates Auto File Download so that whoever sends the file report is a good tool for photos and other document files will automatically be saved in the Mobile Internal Media download folder. .Of course, this feature is very easy, but on the other hand this feature also actually has the impact of excessive data quota usage. especially if we are connected to the WhatsApp Group which shares a lot of Video Content, imagine that all the chat data and status of friends WhatsApp is important or not important will be automatically downloaded and stored in the internal cellphone.

Therefore we need to activate the Manual Download setting or Auto download for certain types of files. To activate it enter the Settings menu, then select Menu Data usage and Storage.

Select the Tab When Using Cellular Data. Here we can choose what file types are allowed for auto-downloads such as photos and not for other documents that can only be downloaded if we manually download tabs.

On the Menu Tab When connected to Wi-Fi, also specify the type of file that is allowed Auto-Download, if in your area there is a free wifi share then check all types of media photos, audio, video, and documents. Or choose according to taste to save more Mobile Internal Memory Space.

That's the Tutorial on How to Disable and Enable Auto-Download Document Files from Chat Appointments, hopefully, useful and thank you for visiting.
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