How to Disable AutoPlay Video Public Status on Facebook

Facebook as one of the most popular social media currently makes almost all Android phone owners use this application to interact with friends, family and the public. apart from being a media to pour out complaints, sharing information, facebook can also be used as a means of entertainment. Where in it a lot of users who post status updates in the form of text, photographs and video recordings.

But with the complexity of these types of status posts, sometimes for some people there are things that are not pleasant as there is a video status that sometimes almost dominates the contents of the status of Facebook-based pages. where the posting video runs (play) by itself or in other words auto play so sometimes it is very, very annoying especially if the audio volume setting in the Up condition can be turned off the sounds of the video will sound loud. if you are already Admin don't think it's a problem, what if when we are gathering with people and looking at the status of friends who are on Facebook suddenly there is an auto-play video post. it is certain we will be the center of attention because the sound of the video is heard loudly by other people around us. Yes, if the sound produced is melodious, if you accidentally open negative smelling videos, you will put where your faces.

Therefore, we need to set the Facebook application so that the videos posted when it does not automatically play automatically. besides aiming not to be disturbed by the sounds of auto-play videos, disabling autoplay videos on Facebook is also useful to minimize the use of quota. With the active Auto Play Video it is certain that the use of quota will be large, and vice versa.

To activate the Auto Play VIdio filter on Facebook we must enter the settings menu. You do this by tab three vertical lines down in the top right corner . Then select Settings & Privacy then choose settings.

Scroll the Settings Menu down to the bottom and then select Media and Contacts

Here are a number of setting options, whatever feature you want to activate or deactivate including the Auto Play Vidio settings in the Auto Rotate menu

After you select the Automatic Play Menu select Never Play Automatic Video like the screenshot below, the settings will automatically be saved.

Press the back button (Back) until the Facebook page and try scrolling down, see the type of video post that will not play by itself. The video won't play if we don't press the video play button.

Very easy right? now it is safe that the auto play video playback that is annoying is no longer active, the use of internet quota will be more efficient and efficient as needed.
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