How to Delete All Images Facebook Automatically

In this post, the admin will share Tutorial How to delete photos or images stored on Facebook as a whole easily with the help of the Crome Image Cleaner Add-on Extension.

With this Add-on Image Cleaner Extension, we can easily delete the photos that we want to delete from our Facebook account quickly without having to select one by one the file you want to delete. so you no longer need to finger exercises delete photo files on the Facebook account immediately install the extension and feel the convenience.

To get this extension please visit Chrome Webstore and get the Image Add-on Cleaner Cleaner extension for free. In the Crome Webstrore dashboard page search field, type the "Image Cleaner" key and the extension search results will appear. select Add to Chrome to start installing, the browser will automatically download the Extension then click Add Extension to continue the installation.

If you have successfully installed this extension then in the upper right corner of the Address Bar a blue Image Cleaner icon will appear. Click the icon to open the Image Cleaner program.

To start deleting, please access your Facebook account in the Photo Album section, then click Select Multiple to select the Photo or Album Photos you wish to delete. After you have finished making the selection to be deleted, click the Delete button that appears on the Facebook page.

So Tutorial How to delete multiple photos or Facebook Photo Album, hopefully, useful and easy to understand until we see you in the next tutorial.
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