How to Delete All Facebook Messanges Automatically

In this, I will share Tutorials on How to Delete All or Multiple Selected Multiple Messages easily. For you messenger lovers, of course, messages from friends, relatives, relatives, girlfriends or cheating on the messenger homepage.

If you want to delete it manually it is certain that it will be very tiring and time-consuming, you must delete finger exercises one by one chat that has been read and is considered not important anymore to be saved.

With this crome add-on extension, delete chat messenger job will be easy, you don't need to tired your finger gym, just install this add-on on your PC browser or your Chrome Smart Phone browser, then you only need a few steps to delete part or all of the chat in a short amount of time.

Langsung saja untuk mendapatkan Ekstensi ini kalian hanya perlu mengunjungi situs Crome Webstore dan mendapatkan Add-On ini secara gratis. Setelah kalian masuk ke halaman beranda Crome Webstore masukan keyword "Mensenger Cleaner" kemudian Enter. Maka secara otomatis Browser akan menampilkan hasil pencarian Mesenger Cleaner.

Select Add to Chrome to start installing the Messenger Cleaner Add-On Extension.

Wait for a while the download process Extensions will take place, if you have finished please confirm the extension. Then automatically in the upper right corner of the Address Bar, the Messenger Cleaner icon will appear.

To start deleting the chat message in messenger, you access the messenger message page if it opens as shown below please click the Messenger Cleaner icon to start the removal process.

To delete the entire chat, click Delete All Messages. if you want to use the multiple delete chat option, select the Choose & amp; Delete, then automatically above the chat list a checkbox will appear, select Select All then uncheck the chat that you don't want to delete then click Delete Selected Messages.

Please wait while the chat removal process is in progress

A pop up deletes conversation notification will appear, repeatedly indicating that the chat deletion process is in progress if you want to cancel the chat deletion cancel command.

Do the next deletion to completely delete all stored chats, please use the Delete All Messages or Chose & amp; Delete to make a selection. Because deletion is only limited to the page that is open so chats that have not been displayed are not deleted. press the Show Previous Message button and delete it as above.

Thus the Tutorial How to easily delete messenger chat messages automatically with the help of the Messenger Add-On Extension. See you in the next tutorial.
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