How to Compress Image Size 200 Kb Online Without Software

The need for image files or photos with a small size in units of Kilobytes (KB) is often faced with those of us who interact with online data collection applications. It is an educational application (School) or other applications related to work outside of education. as recently passed, namely registration Online CPNS. Where there are some photo files or images that must be uploaded with a file size of only a few hundred Kb

For example, Pas photo and Resident Identity Card (KTP) must be uploaded with a minimum limit of 100 Kb and a maximum of 200 Kb. Whereas in general, files taken by cameras or cellphones and/or scans on average have a sizeable Kb. if scaled down by automatically reducing the image resolution the image size becomes small but the image display becomes blurry and unclear.

I share the following tutorial on how to compress, minimize, or resize images to fit the needs for example below 200 Kb online without using compress software or minimizer with only a browser and an internet network connection.

First of all, please visit the JPG File Online Compress website where to compress images recommendation from me.

As an example here I have one ID file image scan results 300-byte resolution with a size of 760 KB. I will resize this ID to less than 200 KB but still maintain the quality of the image resolution (Image remains like the Original).

After opening the page select the Choose File menu to load the target image that we will compress the size.

Find the image then Open the target image

Click the OK menu to start the image size compression process. Here you can specify the image size in Kbytes according to your needs and needs.

Wait a while the compress process will take place for a few seconds, and you will be taken to the download page of the copied image.

Click the Download Process Image menu to download compressed images

Save the image in Drive, you can change the Image File Name before the Confirm Save menu. The result is like the screenshot below

Identity card (KTP) which was previously 760 KB in size now is only 192 KB in size and if you try to see a preview of the compressed image the result will be almost the same as the original file. Very easy right

Thus the Tutorial how to change the image size from large KB to small KB with the help of online compressing websites. This method is very easy because you don't need to bother downloading and installing minimiz or compressing software.
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