How to Choose the Right Printer for the Choose Business Services

TEKSO friend who happens to be an entrepreneur in the Typing Rental field or an active home user who types in typing and printing certainly needs a reliable printer, aka not easily damaged. as we know at this time the price of electronic equipment including printers continues to increase in price, therefore we must be smart to choose a printer, if not sure we will lose money not to be annoyed again while the printer is damaged, error software or the Catrid easy to wear out.then what kind of printer brands and types are reliable and affordable?

Based on the admin's personal experience who also happens to be an entrepreneur in the printing business, more or less 12 years. The most suitable and reliable printer for Typing Rental business is the Epson brand. Why Epson what is the reason? Later, my friend, TEKSO, will find the answer in the discussion below.

At the beginning, Admin plunged into the World of Entrepreneurs Rental Typing printers that are the mainstay is the HP brand around the year 2006 - 2007.HP Derkjet Brand D2460 type printer is really reliable, in addition to the large capacity of the Cartridge so that it can collect a lot of ink, the print speed is also pretty good. not to mention the HP Deskjet D2460 printer does not have to be refilled with original ink or other ink that is labeled HP compatible. Any ink can be used and does not cause damage is different from today's printers, as long as the contents of the ink can be fatal. to the extent that the admin had previously tested using Epson R230 printer waste ink to refill the results beyond expectations. The printout results are pretty thick black not inferior to new ink and make the salute not damage the eyes of the cartridge head itself. Great is not it? unfortunately, now we will never find a printer like this.

After the HP Deskjet printer was no longer produced and at that time there was no such thing as an online trading site. Even if there is not yet known to the public as it is today. So it is very difficult to get parts and survive using them. admin turned to the Epson Brand printer at that time the Epson printer for typing print which admin admin was Epson T11 and TX111. But at that time Epson printers were not among the reliable printers. Besides the price is quite expensive, the printer is easy to error and damage in the Head

Admin then moved to a Canon Brand Printer around 2008 - 2010 and the printer that became the mainstay was the Canon IP 1980. This Canon-made printer is pretty reliable for printing. almost equivalent to the HP Deskjet D2460 Printer for the cartridge is a little bit smaller than the HP Deskjet D2460 printer cartridge, but slightly decreased when compared to the HP Deskjet D2460 Printer the level of durability is slightly reduced but not so severe the quality of the darts is pretty good.

Again, the Canon IP 1980 Series printer was stopped production and brought a new Canon product, the Canon IP 2770. Inevitably finally because of the difficulty of finding Canon IP 1980 cartridges that are increasingly rare and prices also rose dramatically. Admin moved to the Canon IP 2770 PrinterThis printer was originally produced around the year 2010 is the pretty cheap price is still under Rp. 300,000, - at that time, if I'm not mistaken, the first time Admin bought it was Rp. 275,000. for a pretty good printer quality, apart from in terms of more modern shapes for speed and printouts are also pretty good. As usual, the name of a new item must have drawbacks even though in terms of appearance and filture is more modern.

Shortcomings of the Canon IP 2770 for the size of the cartridge is slightly smaller than its predecessor and it is certain that the print is decreased. even worse after the first generation Canon IP 2770 in addition to prices that continue to soar up, Admin feels the quality of durability cartridge also dropped dramatically until now. for the original new doses the longest last 1 month of usage, it has even happened once a week the usage of the doses has broken. Unlike the old product, even though the series is still the same, the durability of the cartridges is far different, usually, new cartridges can last more than 2 months.

Because it could not stand for a while the printer broke down the cartridge and the purchase price of a pair of black and color cartridges was almost the same as buying a new printer (only a difference of Rp. 100,000) the admin finally decided to try to replace the printer with a brand other than Canon. I had bought an HP Deskjet 1,000 Printer but it was very disappointing, the size of the cartridge was very small and could not be refilled again even though it used ink that was labeled with the HP brand. The solution is only to buy new cartridges, even though the prices are only Rp. 75,000, - but if you can only print less than half of the paper Rim, who can stand it? So pathetic.….!!!

Admin finally returns to the Canon IP 2770 Printer because at that time, he has not found a printer that fits at an affordable price. To anticipate the loss of buying cartridges, each admin has already bought a new printer and not just bought the cartridges. why don't you just buy the cartridges, if you calculate, even though the price of one pair of cartridges by buying a new printer is Rp.100,000 is still more expensive, is there no loss in stacking printers? well, that's him, TEKSO friend, printers that have been broken down by the admin selling protolan (mutilation) to service printer users, the results are profitable right? Even the results of service and mutilation of 1 printer can be used to buy a new printer. so it's pretty ... not so impressed with the condition of the Canon IP 2770 printer which is easily broken down

In the middle of 2014 when the admin needed a new printer, idly search googling looking for information via online printer what is reliable and suitable for typing rental business? from the results of googling at that time, there was one printer that he said was really recommended for use in the Typing Rental business, the Epson L100. because seeing the price is quite high compared to Canon IP 2770 printer rental class and incidentally the funds were not enough (lots of other expenses) pending admin to ask for her hand. only when the Admin already has enough admin try googling again, eh ... it turns out the L100 series is no longer produced and has a weakness that is easily shut off the power supply.

Instead came out the latest Epson L110 series, without thinking long after reading a number of reviews about this one printer and felt steady the admin decided to immediately ask for her hand. The result ... at a price of Rp. 1,600,000, - truly amazing soul, until this year 2018 Epson L110 printer purchase in 2014 is still faithfully accompanying Admin. Although I have changed Mainboard twice and once changed Head.

From this, it can be concluded that the Epson L110 printer is indeed recommended for Typing Rental business, the level of durability of the head is very satisfying (long live) and not easy to error. The most special of the Epson L110 printer is that although the head is already in an unhealthy condition (must be set in the high mode) it is still able to last for months. the quality is very far if compared to the canon IP 2770, the canon IP 2770, if it is set to the high mode in printing, will only last a few days, it's really different right, friend, TEKSO? This is the reason why Epson printers are worth buying and given the title of King of Printer Rental

Make a TEKSO friend who may after reading this article feel interested in wanting to propose an Epson L110 printer to be able to buy second at online buying and selling sites. for the new Epson L110 Printer, the manufacturer's output is no longer available because it is no longer produced instead the Epson L120 Series is now available for Rp. 1,650,000.

Unfortunately for the next generation Epson L110 has slightly decreased. Starting from the shape of the printer body that is less attractive, the size of the Ink Tank and the mainboard become mini so that there seems to be a reduction in material costs. the quality is still reliable equivalent to the Epson L110, but yes, the Admin himself was less interested in asking for her hand.

Or friend TEKSO can move on to the series above, the Epson L310, the price is a little more expensive, Rp. 1,800,000 - a difference of around Rp. 200,000. It's not expensive if we get more, the shape and body material is better and the Ink Tank is quite large, a little bigger than L110.

Thus the article about Printers that are Suitable for Typing Rental Business, thank you for reading this article to the end, greeting TEKSO.
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