How to ByPass PIN Screen & FRP Google Samsung J6 + Plus

PIN FRP Google Account. For the first time, I handled the Samsung J6 + Plus SM-J610F / DS Android case which was locked with PIN Screen and FRP Google Account. Initially, it was a little difficult to overcome the Samsung J6 Plus which is a locked Google Account. but after several attempts of different bypass methods, the problem was finally resolved.

To overcome the issue of the new Samsung Android FRP Locked output like Samsung J6 + Plus, it is not as easy as addressing the FRP Google Account on older Samsung Android versions with only the Exynos file and the Odin Application. The Google Account Locked FRP problem can be easily resolved.

The following steps to resolve the issue of Locked FRP Google Accounts on Android Samsung J6 + Plus Without PC via TalkBack.

1. Enter TalkBack mode by pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously. If it fails, repeat it several times. You can also use a combination of the UP and Power volume buttons
2. After TalkBack Samsung J6 + Plus is active, draw a letter L pattern on the screen and a Global Context Menu will appear.

3. Select TalkBack Settings Options

4. In the TalkBack Settings Window scroll down to the very end menu then select Help & amp; Enter.

5. In the Help and Input Window select About Access Button for Android

6. On the About Access Button window for Android, there is a Youtube Video, Tab Video to play then Tab back to the video search for Access to Youtube.

7. On the Youtube Video player window swipe down the screen to minimize the sedan video playing, then pay attention to the right-hand corner of the account icon.
8. Youtube Account Icon tab located in the upper right corner, it will open the command to run the Chrome Browser. the Accept & amp; Continue.

9. Save data and access faster The next tab, in the Enter Chrome Options, select Next Time. Then the Chrome Browser Window will open. Type the search keyword Sharing Tutorial

10. On the Window view page of the home page Sharing Tutorial display the blog header menu with a horizontal three-point tab in the upper left corner.

11. Select Bypass FRP Tools Menu, it will open a download page for various types of Android bypass applications, please download ByPass FRP Android Apk Version 7 and above and Smart Easy Bypass.Apk or Quick Shortcut Apk.

12. Do the ByPass FRP Google Account using the ByPass Apk Tools that was downloaded earlier, if you don't understand the procedure please look for my blog post that discusses the Samsung FRP bypass using the ByPass.Apk application.

13. After successfully ByPass FRP with Google Account Inject through the Quick Shortcut Application or Smart Easy ByPass, restart Samsung J6 Plus.

14. The results are more or less like shown in the screenshot below the account notification appears added which means the Locked FRP Google Account Clear problem.

15. Do Setting up a new Device to follow the existing Tour, select the Skip option if it's available to be faster.

16. Congratulations, ByPass PIN and Locked FRP Samsung J6 + Plus Google Account successfully

Thus Tutorial How to ByPass PIN Screen and Google FRP Android Account Jed Samsung J6 + Plus. hopefully, it's easy to understand and practice, happy experimenting, and don't forget to like Fans Page, Subscribe, and Share if this Tutorial is useful and becomes a solution to the problem you are facing.
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