How to ByPass FRP Google Account Android SPC L54

Bypass FRP Google Account. For the first time, I got a Job ByPass FRP Google Account Android brand SPC type L54. Initially, I was a little confused about how to solve the problem of FRP Android SPC L54. I tried several methods that I used to use on Android brands Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo, but it didn't work

Finally, after trying googling, I found a tutorial on how to overcome it. It turns out the way is very easy and not complicated to solve the Locked FRP problem on other brands of Android that I have handled before.

How to ByPass FRP Google Account Android SPC L54

The following tutorial on how to overcome the problem of Android SPC L54 which is locked by Google account on Android SPC L54 which has been done Hard Reset through recovery mode. While the owner has forgotten the email address and password.

1. In the condition of AndroidSPC L54 off, press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. Then AndroidSPC L54 will enter recovery mode.

2. Select Option number 2 Reboot to the bootloader. Use the Up and Down volume buttons to switch menus and the power button to confirm the selected menu.

3. Run CMD Minimal Adb Fastboot then type the command fastboot devices then press Enter. If device LPC L54 is detected then a hardware ID serial will appear as shown in the screenshot below. if not detected means you need to install the ADB driver first

3. Type the command fastboot erase persist then press Enter. Then the process of removing persist will take a few seconds and a finished notification appears.

4. Type the command fastboot roboot then press Enter. Then AndroidSPC L54 will restart automatically.

5. Disconnect the USB cable and wait until AndroidSPC L54 enters the new Device user preparation mode. do the settings for new device users following the tour and at the Google Account checking stage, a Skip menu appears, which means that the Google AccountSPC L54 FRP bypass process was successful.

Thus the Tutorial How to Easily Resolve Locked Problems FRP Google Account on AndroidSPC L54 using Minimal ADB Fastboot. If you need ADB Tools above, please contact me through the Contact Us menu. don't forget to Like FansPage, Subscribe, and Share this Tutorial to your friends who need it.
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