How to Buy WPS Office Premium Bank Transfer Payments

For WPS Office users if you want to use all the features available in the WPS Office application you are required to upgrade to a Premium Account. users of the Free Account version will get restrictions on some important features that support office work such as Convert PDF files to various types of document types, Limited choice of themplate and theme, only 1 GB of cloud storage, and other important features that can only be activated and used for premium account users.

Here I will various tutorials on how to buy or upgrade a premium WPS Office Account with a bank to bank transfer payment method. So you can pay bills without having a Credit Card or Paypal Account Balance.

In the WPS Office App view in the right hand corner a Go Premium menu will appear for users with a free version of the WPS Office account. Click Premium Go to upgrade your WPS Office account.

3 options appear, WPS Premium, PDF Toolkit and Template Premium. You will get it if you activate the WPS Premium Account including:

  • Edit text/image di PDF
  • Convert PDF to word/exel/PPT
  • Export PDF dalam Batch
  • Export PDF ke Mode Gambar atau JPG
  • Convert Image to PDF
  • Fitur Files Repair
  • Convert Gambar ke text (OCR)
  • Merge/Split PDF
  • PDF Signature
  • Bebas Ikan 
  • dan lain-lain

Select the account options you want, then select 2checkout, and click Purchase

The default Windows browser window will automatically open, and Payment information appears..

Enter your full name, country and email address then in the payment method select Bank / Wire Transfer. Large bills will appear in dollars and your country's currency.

Click Place Order to proceed with the purchase, then you will get the payment bill details..

You will also get a bill payment message via email message

The next step is to go to the bank where you have an account there, submit proof of billing to the Bank Customer Service to make a payment. after the payment is successful, your WPS Free Account will automatically change to Premium and you can use all of the WPS Office premium features.
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