Google Photos Sync Auto Backup Android application

For you the owner of the Android Mobile user of the Google Photos Application starting in late July 2019 was officially announced that Google for the next few weeks starting from the admin received an email notification from Google will make changes to help simplifies the workings of Google Photos and Google Drive.where the Auto Backup / Sync Photos and Video features through the Google Photos Android application will be disabled. Surely this is bad news for users of the Google Photos Android application. Of course, not all users have a computer or laptop.

As an alternative, Google provides a solution for disabling auto-sync by directing users to switch to the Backup application and Sync the Windows version, meaning that if the user wants to keep backing up photo and video documents it still can but must copy it by uploading it from a computer or laptop drive.

For those of you who are users of the Google Photos app but don't receive the notification email notification above can download the Backup and Sync Windows application through the following link DownloadBackup&Sinc Google Foto for Windows.

After you download it, run the Backup & amp; Syc.Exe in Windows conditions connected to the internet network, then enter your e-mail address and password for your Google Account.

The setup/login process takes a long time, if after waiting a few minutes login process does not go over, disconnect/disconnect the internet network then close the application then try to run the Backup application again and Sync From Google through the StartWindows menu.

After the Application Window Backup and Sync From Google re-connect the internet network and click Get Started.

Select Back Up Photo and Videos if you only want to back up photo and video files, but if you want to backup all files including that outside of photos and videos, select the Back up all file types menu then click NEXT.

Check which folders you want to sync and backup, or you can manually select the folder by selecting the CHOOSE FOLDER menu.

Uncheklis all if you want to skip sync and temporary backups, then click START and CONTINUE.

Google Drive menu you can use to sync and auto-backup document files such as Microsoft Word document files.

Backup and Sync From Google application can also be accessed through the Icon Tray, although the close window on the desktop screen of the application still runs.

If you want to back up photos or videos from your internal cellphone, you can do it by connecting your cellphone to a computer or laptop USB cable, automatically when the phone's internal memory is connected to the Windows system Backup and Sync From Google will detect it.

This can also be applied to External Memory Cards, External Flasdisk or OTG, and Digital Camera Memory Cards. You just need to connect external memory via a USB Computer or Laptop. in the condition of a computer or laptop connected to the internet network, then automatically Backup and Sync From Google will detect the device and a backup confirmation notification will appear on the right desktop screen.

You can also choose the NOT NOW menu if you don't want to apply Backups at a later time.

conclusion: Deactivating the Auto Sync and Backup feature of the Google Photos application for Android users is bad news where not all android mobile users have a computer or laptop device. besides the backup process and Syckron which must go through a Windows device, of course, it will also be a little inconvenient, as usual, to directly auto backup photos and videos when the mobile phone is connected to the internet network. actually, this is unfortunate, but this is a decision and policy from Google that must be accepted by users of the Google Photos application.
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