Easy way to Update Redmi 5 Plus Vince's Pixel Experience ROM

Easy way to Update ROM Pixel Experience. After all this time the Custom ROM Pixel Experience update was stopped, the last available update is the ROM Pixel Experience in October 2019. Finally, at the beginning of this April, the Custom ROM Pixel Experience Update has been available especially for Android users of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Vince.

I have been using the ROM Pixel Experience for a long time since I first bought the Android Redmi 5 Plus I immediately replaced using the Custom ROM Pixel Experience. I did it because I felt uncomfortable with the default MIUI ROM where the icon and writing display was large and could not be changed to slim.

Rom Pixel Experience really suits my needs and tastes. stable ROM with a smooth display, icons, and text that can be set to very small which is my favorite, there are not many applications such as the default MIUI application that is sometimes unused but cannot be uninstalled. Very little storage space usage and no need to install GAM like Other Custom ROMs in general in order to use the PlayStore Application.

The following is a Guide on How to Download Vince Pixel Experience Redmi 5 Plus Update for old friends and potential new users of Custom ROM Pixel Experience.

1. Visit the Site Download-PixelExperice.org.

2. Search and Find Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Plus Vince

3. Choose ROM edition such as Android 10 (Plus Edition).

4. Click the Download Full Update button to start downloading the Pixel Experience ROM

5. After the Pixel Experience, Redmi 5 Plus Vince has finished downloading, copy it to the FlashDisk OTG or an External Memory Card.

6. Turn on Redmi 5 Plus in Recovery mode by pressing the Volume Up and Power buttons together, after the Redmi 5 Plus lights up and the MI logo appears, release the Power Button press and hold down and press the Volume Up Button.

7. Connect FlashDisk OTG and Select the Install Menu

8. Select the Stronge Menu tab

9. Select USB OTG or Memory Card where you store the ROM Pixel Experience

10. Search and Find previously downloaded ROM Pixel Experience Updates, Select ROM then the Install Image Tab Menu

11. Swipe right to start Flash

12. Wait until the Flash process is complete

13. After the Flash Process is a complete notification will appear stating that the Flash OS process failed and there was an error in the Install ROMPixel Experience Redmi 5 Plus Vince process. No need to panic your Android will be fine, swipe right to restart the system.

14. Wait for the AndroidPixel Experience Redmi 5 Plus Vince Loading System

15. Flash Update Custom ROMPixel Experience Redmi 5 Plus Vince was successful

There is a very striking difference from the previous ROMPixel Experience Redmi 5 Plus Vince version where the latest ROM update doesn't use the navigation buttons in the bottom area of 6¤76¤7the screen, the display becomes Full screen.

That's the Tutorial Guide on How to Install the Latest Custom ROMPixel Experience Redmi 5 Plus Vince with a smooth and cool look of course. for you MIUI default ROM users can install this Custom ROM Pixel Experience, but before you go to Android Xiaomi you must have Unlock BootLoader and TWRP installed both Official and Non-Official.
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