Easy way to Shop and Pay Unlimited Using DANA

How to Pay Open Use DANA . There are many ways or methods of paying bills in BukaLapak, one of which is Use DANA. For those of you who already have a DANA account, you can easily make bill payments online such as shopping bill payments at BukaLapak without having to & nbsp; bother going out of the house just to pay bills through the Bank's Cash Withdrawal Service provider, Alfamart or IndoMart which of course will incur administrative service fees.

The advantages that I like to shop online with payment using DANA are in addition to payments that are very easy and fast, payment of online bills is free without any administrative fees. if you run out of DANA, you can easily top-up the AlfaMart and IndoMart outlets without any administrative costs. So with DANA you will be able to save on shopping expenses.

Different If you shop online at BukaLapak for example, payment by bank transfer, especially with a different destination account is definitely quite expensive service fees, or through AlfaMart and Indomart outlets with an administration fee of Rp. 2,500. You no longer need to incur administrative costs

Easy way to Shop and Pay Bills Open with DANA

The following is a guide to how to shop at BukaLapak and Pay Billing for BukaLapak Use DANA free of administration fees and no need to bother leaving the house.

1. Search and Find Items you want to Buy and Need in Open Stalls
2. Enter the Order List of Items in the Shopping Basket BukaLapak

3. Open the Blenja Basket OpenLapak, a shopping goods list will be displayed
4checklist of items that you want to pay for using DANA

5. On the Payment Method change and choose to use DANA

If it turns out that your FUN Balance is not enough, top up your DANA through the AlfaMart and IndoMart Accounts.

6. If all are considered sufficient starting from the Address, Payment Method and Courier Pay Tab with DANA

I suggest before confirming Payment Use DANA it would be nice if you checked and pay the cost of protection if the item is damaged / lost when shipped and also Postage is borne if returning the item to Pelapak. so that if there is a loss or goods are not suitable can easily file a replacement complaint..

7. Payment of shopping bills opened using DANA is complete and successful

You will also get a notification that the payment has been verified and successful via an email message as shown in the screenshot below.

It's easy not to Shop and Pay Shopping Bills at BukaLapak using DANA, besides being easy and hassle-free, you are free from additional fees for payment administration services just by paying online shopping bills using DANA.

This is the Guide to How to Shop and Pay Shopping Bills in Unlocked DANA. Hopefully it can be a payment alternative that is fast and easy without the need to leave the house and is certain to be free without additional costs.
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