Easy Way to Share Word and Exel Files With WPS CLOUD

One of the features that I like about the WPS Office is the WPS Cloud feature. WPS Cloud is an online storage space with a certain storage capacity depending on the type of account used by the user.

WPS Office itself provides 1GB of Free WPS Cloud space, and for users who want to get more cloud storage space as well as some features on premium accounts that are not in the Free Account version, you can upgrade your account as shown in the following screenshot:

If you are a WPS Office user, you can share files with friends, relatives, or customers easily and quickly through WPS Cloud, you can also form a work team to complete a job in a single work file or reports that can be accessed and done by team members even though different members have different locations in the work area because Files in the Cloud can be accessed online.

Here I am an example of how to share a word or excel file documents that have been saved in the WPS Cloud Account. Click the Header Menu WPS Office in the upper left corner, a row of sub-menus will appear select WPS Cloud. Then the document file that you save will appear in the WPS Cloud.

Click the three horizontal dots that are on the right of the file that you want to share, then an edit menu will appear, select Share.

The file link window will appear that you want to share, copy the lin and then click the link to whom you want to give the file. There are a few choice points before you share them, the first recipient (everyone) can get the file through a link and cannot edit the contents of the work page online, both recipients (everyone) can get the file and can also edit the contents of the worksheet online.

Links from files stored in your WPS Cloud Account can be shared through social media applications such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. For example here the link is shared via WhatsApp messages.

To get the file, the recipient must download via the link that was shared. When the recipient accesses the link it will automatically be redirected to the s.docworkspace.com online worksheet page as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on the three vertical lines in the upper left corner, then a selection menu will appear. Select Download File. Then the browser will automatically download the file.
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