Easy way to Merge Multiple Android Videos Into One File

For those of you who want to combine several video recordings using Android Camera into one video file consisting of several videos combined is very easy to do just by using an application called Video Show.

With this application, you no longer need to be confused to combine several video recordings into one video and also do not need to export videos to a Computer or Laptop Desktop just to edit to make several videos into one file using a desktop video editing application.

You can get VideoShow gently by downloading it in PlayStore. After you install it just run the VideoShow Application.

Edit the Video menu tab with the Fairy Stick icon, then you will be taken to the gallery. Select the Video Tab to display all the videos stored on your Android.

Select some videos that you want to make one, even though the videos that you want to make one come from several applications that are used to record and are separated according to the storage folder of each application that is not a problem.

After finished selecting and deciding which videos to put together, tab Next menu

Before you confirm the process of making several videos into one file, you can play it first, if the order is wrong you can re-edit it. after you feel the order of videos that will be played according to the needs of the Export menu tab and confirm storage to the Gallery or you can directly various video files through social media applications.

Select video quality, I recommend choosing HD Mode if you are a Free version user. For the 1080p Mode Option, GIF Mode and Remove Watermark you must upgrade your account to Premium.

Wait until the Video Exporting Process is finished, the time required depends on and follows the number of videos put together. The more the export process will take longer and vice versa.

A successful notification appears which means the process of making several videos together is complete, you can see the results in the Gallery.

Thus the Tutorial How to Easily Combine several videos recorded by Android cameras into one video with the duration of the play following the number of videos put together. Capture your important video moments with VideoShow right now and start creating.
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