Easy way to Bypassass Mi Cloud and the Stubborn Redmi 6A FRP

Bypass Mi Cloud dan FRP Redmi 6A. One of the problems and risks that are often dialed up by Xiaomi brand Android users is Locked Mi Account or better known as Mi Cloud due to forgetting passwords. Usually, this happens when the Xiaomi Android that has the Mi Account installed has been reset to factory settings or flashed again.

Every Xiami Android that is reset and flashed in the process of weeding out the use of a new device is always required to log in to a Mi Account that has been synchronized using a previous Mi Account password. if the Owner forgets the Mi Account password, the Android Xiaomi will be locked and cannot be used until the Lock War issue is successfully resolved.

A few days ago & nbsp; I got the Android Xiaomi Redmi 6A ByPass Job Cactus with Mediatek Chipset which is locked Mi Account aka Mi Cloud. To overcome it is quite easy, even easier when compared to Mi Xiaomi Android Account bypass with Qualcomm Chipset. where you have to disassemble the case and then do a test point. For Redmi 6A this is enough via Fastboot.

Guide to the ByPass Mi Account and the Stubborn Redact 6A Cactus FRP

1. Turn off Redmi 6A then enter FastBoot mode by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

2. Connect Redmi 6A with the computer using a USB cable and make sure the computer has been installed by ADB FastBoot Driver.

3. Run Xiaomi One Tool V1.0-Cactus, then press Number Button 1 on the keyboard and Enter

4. Press the Enter key several times until the Download Port dialog: Android Bootloader Interface device and so on. If this notification appears, stop pressing the enter key.

5. Wait a while until the Reset Mi Account process is complete, marked with the appearance of Reset Mi Account Lock notification Finished as shown in the screenshot below:

Redmi 6A android will restart by itself and turn on, do not have to wait until the boot loading is complete just press the power button and volume down simultaneously so that Redmi 6A returns to the FastBoot menu.

6. Restart Xiaomi One Tool V1.0-Cactus then reconnect Redmi 6A with the computer via a USB cable.

7. Press Number Number 2 on the keyboard to reset the Google Account FRP Lock

8press Enter several times until the Scanning For Android Bootloader Interface Device appears

9. Still press the Enter key to confirm the Reset FRP Lock command

10. When the Download Port Notification appears: etc. don't press the Enter key again, just let the process run by itself.

Until here the Mi Cloud ByPass Process and FRP Google Redmi 6A Account Completed but not yet permanent. If Redmi 6A is connected to the Internet Network or a SIM Card is installed, the MI Account will automatically be locked again. To overcome this, do the following steps:

11. Enable USB Debugging Options in Developer Options

12. Connect Redmi 6A with the computer again, if the notification appears Allow USB debugging? just go to the OK tab

14. Run the WODM TOOL Application, then click the Mi Account Unlock Menu to start executing MI Cloud.

15. The Mi Pass Mi Cloud process is permanently finished and successfully marked by the appearance of the All Done Log by WODM TOOL and Redmi 6A will restart automatically.

The effect of doing Mi Cloud Bypass or MI Account using this method is that sometimes the Waiting For Debugger window will often appear, to close it Force Close Tab and if MI Cloud Alert Notification has stopped just ignore don't send a report.

Redmi 6A is free from the problem of Locked Mi Account by bypassing it using the Wodm Tool and it's safe that you will not be locked Mi Account again even though it is connected to the internet network and or the SIM card is installed. but if the Flash is redone in the future the Redmi 6A will automatically be locked Mi Account again and must be repeated byPass.

Such is the Tutorial Guide on How to Easily Bypass Mi Cloud or Mi Accounts and the recalcitrant Google Redmi 6A Account. If you need the above tool, please contact me through the Contact Us menu, via email or WhatsApp.
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