Easy way to Register and Activate the SIM Card by.U

by.U Is a company that issues the latest GSM digital multipurpose SIM card, the first product in Indonesia, is a subsidiary of Telkomsel (hupindonesia.com) which applies a system of user freedom to choose the Basic Quota and Quotas Social Media Application likes to suit their needs starting from the main internet quota that can be used to access the internet network without restrictions to the quota by sharing based on social media applications that are currently being used by the public.

All by-U SIM card usage processes start from refilling and checking pulses and internet quota and package purchases are done in one by.U Application online and no longer use Dial Number like other SIM Cards in general. Maybe this is where the SIM Card by .u are called as the first Digital Card in Indonesia.

Since SIM Card by.U was recently launched and arguably just beginning to be known by the people of Indonesia. Of course, there are still many new users who are confused about how to use the By.U SIM Card, especially the way to activate the SIM Card by ..u because it is different from SIM card activation in general. Where is the process of Activating Sim Card by.U must be online through the by.u application.

Guide How to Register and Activate a SIM Card by.U Telkomsel

The following is a Tutorial Guide on How to Easily Register and Activate the SIM Card by.u online using the by.u application, for those of you who have already purchased this card and want to register the card, first make sure you have installed the by.u application which can be downloaded politically on PlayStore.

1. Install the SIM Card by.U to Android & nbsp; can be SIM Slot 1 or SIM Slot 2 and make it the Default Internet Data Access.

2. Open the Application by.U Then Select the menu Have There Account

2. Select Menu Login with Gmail

3. Select the Google Account used to Order a SIM Card by.U or select the Use Another Account option if the Google Account does not exist because it has not been synced to the Android Browser.

4. Enter the e-mail address used for Order by.U SIM Card then Tab Next

5. Enter your Email Password, then Tab Next 

6. After successfully logging in, select Menu Activate SIM

7. Prepare a Family Card for SIM Card Regitration by.U

8. Menu tab Register to start the SIM Card Registration and Activation Process by.U

9. Enter your NIK / KTP Number and Family Card Number then Tab Register

10. Wait for the Registration and Activation of the SIM Card by.U between 1 - 5 minutes.

At the time of the SIM Card Activation process by.U, then the SIM Card network by.U will disconnect and connect by itself over and over again, just leave it not to close the application by.U. After the activation process by.U SIM card is successful then the internet network will be normal by itself.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Easily Register and Activate the SIM Card by.U through the online by.U Application. Hopefully this tutorial is easily understood and practiced by you, if there are obstacles or there are other things you want to ask please leave a message through the comments column.
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