Easy and Fast way ByPass FRP Samsung Galaxy V2

Each Android mobile be it the Samsung brand or other brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Advan, Oppo, and SPC when forcibly reset through recovery or better known as a hard reset when in the process of preparing to use a new device After reset, you are required to log in again using the email address and password of the Google Account that was previously synchronized.

Most cases that occur many Samsung users who do not remember their own Google Account, especially passwords. the only way that Samsung's Android can be reused regardless of the Google Account FRP is byByPass with 2 ByPass techniques using a computer PC or using the ByPass APK Tool Application.

Like for example, the following Samsung Galaxy V2 Model Number SM-J106B is locked FRP Google Account after being reset by its owner without activating OEM Unlock mode first. while the owner turned out and apparently did not remember the Google Account password that was synchronized on his Android Samsung Galaxy V2.

Easy and Fast way ByPass Samsung Galaxy V2 SM-J106B Locket FRP Google Account less than 5 minutes using the help of Odin Flash Tool software and special files remove FRP All Samsung Android with Android 7 version down.

Make sure you have downloaded the Odin Flash Tool and install the Samsung Driver. If you don't have it already please Searching Google. For Exynos files, please suck free through the following link: Free Download Exynos

1. Turn off the Android Samsung Galaxy V2 SM-J106B

2. Press and hold simultaneously the Volume Down Button, Power Button, and Home Button which is under the Samsung screen.

3. When Android Galaxy V2 SM-J106B enters download mode and a warning appears, press the Volume UP button to confirm the action.

4. Connect the Android Galaxy V2 SM-J106B to the computer using a USB Data cable.

5. Open the Odin Flash Tool Application, then Load the Exynos File through the AP menu and make sure the Samsung Device is detected by the Odin Flash Tool with the ID: COM icon

6. Click the Start button to start the execution and wait a while until the Flash process is complete and the PASS notification appears as shown in the screenshot below:

7. ByPass FRP Android Galaxy V2 SM-J106B process is complete, automatically the Android Galaxy V2 SM-J106B will restart and restart normally free from the FRP Google Account.

Thus the Tutorial Guide How to Easily and Quickly ByPass FRP Android Galaxy V2 SM-J106B which is locked FRP Google Account. For the FRP ByPass tutorial, Pattern, PIN, and Mi Cloud you can find in this blog post with the Android label. help support Blog Share Tutorial Online to keep innovating and up to date by like FansPage, Subscribe, and or share with friends who need it.
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