Tutorial on How to Easily Remove China Virus 2345.com

Since a few days ago after I reinstalled windows and used the latest version of the WanDrv Driver Pack 2019. On the desktop screens often appear Chinese-language advertisements when the system is connected to the internet. Initially, I was not really bothered, but after a long time these ads appear more often and what makes me most uncomfortable is that when I run the browser it will automatically open the website page 2345.com .

Apart from that Smadav antivirus also often detects the presence of a malware virus on my computer, every time it is cleaned there is always a command to restart the computer. but the result after repeatedly restarting my computer still the virus can not be cleaned and detected again by smadav.

Virus 2345.com invades the Chrome browser and displays Chinese language advertisements and applications that cannot be uninstalled or uninstalled.

I tried to open the menu list of viruses detected in Smadav, visible malware viruses are in the program files directory precisely in the 2345soft folder. Because Smadav Antivirus was not able to clean it I tried to use 360 6¤76¤7Total Security with Custom Scan.

Scan the virus scanning process I point to the 2345Soft folder, maybe the malware virus will be detected and can be removed using 360 Total Security

But the results were beyond expectations 360 Total Security Anti Virus did not detect the presence of the malware virus. Then I tried to delete the 2345Soft folder via the Exprorer folder and the result is that the folder cannot be deleted with the notification you need Permission to perform this action.

This indicates that the virus has been embedded and rooted in the system so that it cannot be removed in the running condition of the infected windows system. that means there is only one way to delete a Folder as well as a virus that is lodged in the 2345Soft folder, that is by using the Windows system from another hard drive or can also use a bootable mini windows.

Without thinking and accidentally I accidentally installed my 2 different operating systems with Separate Hard Drive.

I tried restarting and booting using a Windows system from another hard drive then opening the infected hard drive to find the 2345Soft folder which I will delete later.

The result was the 2345Soft folder containing the China Program and Malware I could easily delete. Do not forget to ensure the 2345Soft folder and its contents are erased I apply the Empity Recycle Bin.

Then I test and prove the results by restarting the computer again and booting using a hard drive with Windows that was previously indicated infected by the 2323.com Malaware virus. in accordance with the expectations of China 2345Soft application along with the virus contained therein wiped clean and does not appear back. Even before applying this method even though I uninstalled the China application from 2345Soft it always reappeared.
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