All Can Scan Documents with Android Practical and Easy

The need for PDF files Documents Important documents from the current scan is things that are often needed by almost all people who work as employees or private and public employees, especially for Education Personnel who are often asked to send or upload hard files in PDF formats such as decree, certificate, certificate, etc. for employee and online data collection.

Usually to get a PDF file of documents or important documents we use a tool in the form of a special scanner or printer that is equipped with a scanner through a computer. so for those who do not have their own scanner must hire document scanning services at typing, photocopy or printing services that provide document scan services. Not to mention that sometimes the location of document scan service providers is outside the village or even sub-district area. of course, this is a problem and an obstacle, it requires travel costs and takes time.

But now with the advancement of technology with the presence of Android smartphones, one by one the problems related to technology can be easily solved using android application facilities such as shopping online, sending data or documents quickly through the application WhatsApp and email and so forth.

The good news at this time specifically for the problem of the need for document scan can also be overcome using an Android Mobile with the android document scan application that utilizes the camera feature on android that is by changing the camera captured photos into PDF files using documentsCamera Scan to PDF Android application.for the type of Camera Scan Android application now many options are available. many android Scand Camera Application developers who compete to publish their work that we can get through the Google Play Store such as CamScanner, Easy Scanner, Tiny Scanner, Clear Scan, Fast Scanner, and many more that I might not mention as a whole.

Here I will share Tutorial How to Scand a document by using one of the Android Camera Scanner Applications & nbsp; namely Easy Scanner. With the Easy Scanner application, we can easily obtain PDF document files from the Scan using Android. I chose this application because Easy Scanner is a Camera Scan application for Android that we can use for free but is a full filter.

Different if you choose to use another Android camera scanner application such as CamScanner or Camera Scan to PDF that is paid, you have to subscribe to the application by paying several thousand rupiahs or dollars every month or year, the trial period or trill is also very short, it can only be used for 3 days or 60 minutes in one day.after that the application will be locked, and if you want to continue using it must subscribe.

Although this application is free, for me the features are the same as those based on pro or premium. it's just different in terms of appearance, for this version of the application it looks more simple while for the base pro premium it looks more attractive both in terms of the appearance of the application interface and more interesting menu icons.

Terlebih dahulu silahkan download Camera Scanner Android to PDF Easy Scanner Pro

After you download it, install the Easy Scanner Pro application like the usual Android app installation. Then after finishing you can immediately run (Open Application) or close if you want to use it later.

Tab + icon to start creating PDF files from Scan Documents.

Select the scan menu from the photo if you want to make a PDF file from the previous camera captured photo.

Select the Scan with the camera menu if you want to create a New PDF Document file that you have never taken before.

Take a picture of the document that you want to make a PDF file so that the results are good to take a picture from the document in the photo, try to angle the image symmetrically according to the angle and width of the paper. do not take photos from the side, they must be perpendicular so that the area outside the document is not captured.

After it feels right shooting position, press the capture button and the results are as shown below, pretty neat even though there are a few corners that don't quite fit-out of the paper area.

So that the results of the Scand results close to the original color of the original document, the Magic Stick Fairy Tab menu, then the color of the scan documents will change better as the screenshot below:

If you still feel unsatisfied with the results of color repair automatically through the Peri Stick Magic Tab menu you can adjust the color and lighting in the manual color setting menu or select the Original menu option. slide the menu bar in the direction then select the gray menu, also adjust the lighting percentage by sliding the lighting settings bar.

Increase the percentage of lighting when the image is too dark and blurry, and reduce the percentage of exposure when the image is not sharp because it is too bright.

To remove the area outside the documented photo paper, select the Cut menu located to the far left. Then adjust the cutting scale so that it fits better.

You can also rotate the captured image into a Portrait (standing) or Landscape (horizontal) display...

Click finish when setting the area of the document taken is considered to be just right.

The final step is saving the retrieval and some applying image settings. The image tab is selected then the Save menu tab

Here you can specify the folder of the PDF Document File storage directory, as shown in the screenshot below. save the PDF Image File to the folder you want so that it will be easier to find the file in the file manager search folder, for example, saved in the Download folder or in the Document Folder.

Save tab to confirm saving PDF files.

A successful storage notification appears, select open file if you want to see the results immediately, choose to share the file with other devices or select close to open it later.

The following is the display of the PDF file from the scan through an Android mobile using Easy Scanner which I have transferred to the computer and I open using the Adobe Reader application. The result is pretty good not inferior to the scanned PDF file using the Canon Scanner Engine. for the size of the file, size is also very good not so big only measuring 360 Kb. Very practical when compared using a Scanner Machine that must set the Resolution first to determine the size of the PDF file scanner results.

The resolution of the picture is also quite good, I try to enlarge the results are still good not broken or blurred, in my opinion great.

I also tried to test opening the scanned file using the Adobe Photoshop application. The result also remains great, not inferior to the results of the scan using a Canon scanner engine. Just how do you set the shooting so that only the important points of precision?

Thus tutorial on how to scan documents to get PDF files using an Android mobile phone that is practical and easy all can certainly. With this Android camera scanner application, the need for scandPDF files becomes fast and easily fulfilled. whenever and wherever you can do your own document scan to retrieve and get PDF files easily without having to leave the house to go to the places of the service scan documents.
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