Secret ways to quickly improve page View Blog page

There is a lot that can be applied to increase the number or volume of Page view Blog post pages in the blogger dashboard stats. Actually, Page View itself will go up or down following the number of visitors or blog readers who visit and access the blog post content. The more visitor blogs every day, then it can be ensured the volume of the blog Page view will rise drastically, and then fewer visitor blogs that access the content then the volume of Page view will decline.

Surely all bloggers aspire to and hope visitor blogs increase so page view blog pages become high. But the thing is not easy, and sometimes as beautiful as imagined. Even generally most tend to be harder and not as expected.

To solve the problem of low Page view blog, there is actually a secret trick to improve page View Blog page very easily and whoever implemented this method I guarantee the number of Page view your blog will suddenly rise up drastically in a moment. Simply by the auto Reload Page or it can be called Auto Refresh page.   Volume Page view will increase quintupled follow the number of visitors your blog.

How to Improve page View Blog pages in a snap

There are two workable ways, the first one using the META tag and the second with the JavaScript source code.

Meta Tag method

1. Open your blog WordPress page then Klick theme Menu

2. Klick menu EDIT HTML

3. Paste the following code below the   or adjacent to <head>

4. Change the delay value to 120 seconds to your liking.

The number 120 is the time value required to auto-reload or refresh the blog page in seconds. So every 120 seconds blog page will automatically reload.

4. Click Save theme and try to see the results by accessing the Home page or the page of one of your blog posts.

For example, note the following Gif image. I tried to apply a time delay of 5 seconds. Results every 5 Seconds blog page reload or refresh automatically.

JavaScript Code method

1. Go to your Blog's Dashboard page, select the Theme menu

2. Click on the EDIT HMTL menu and copy and paste the following code javascript above the </head > or above </body>

3. Change Delay value 120000 (120 seconds) according to your tastes and wishes

4. Click Save Theme to apply

5. Finish, see the results

How do you think?

Now you don't have to bother implementing a variety of methods to improve the page view of blog pages. After applying this method or way you just sit sweet and see the miracle of the volume of the beloved Page view blog that will climb the enormously significantly.

Such a secret Tutorial on how to quickly increase Page View Blog Volume is easy, practical and proven work. Good luck and greetings your success is now great.....

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