How to ByPass FRP Advan S50K with SPD Upgrade Tools

One of the consequences of doing Hard Reset mobile Android is through Recovery which is usually accessed through a combination of buttons or through the Settings menu back to the factory settings without implementing OEM Unlock is the key Android by FRP Google Account.

A condition in which Android users who have reset or forced resets of the Android system usually due to forgot pattern or screen PIN is required to enter or login using the previously synced email address for Verify that the action is not illegal (action not by the owner of Android).

For example, Android Advan S50K that I just handled in the locked condition FRP Google Account due to be reset forced by the owner Falui button or better known as a hard reset.

To overcome Android Advan S50K that Locked FRP Google Account should be done bypass which is how to remove Google Advan account S50K using 2 alternate ways you can apply.
  1. The first way is to use FRP ByPass Advan S50K apk. This way is fairly easy to implement without having to use computer help. You simply download the Bypass APK app and install it. 
  2. The second way is to use the help of a computer by means of Flashlight Advan S50K using SPD Upgrade with special Jamu file ByPass Advan S50K. This is very easy to implement and faster when it is paired in a first way but you need to be able to the computer.

For those who want to apply the first way before please download FRP bypass Advan s50k apk Then input into the Memory card that will be installed in Advan S50K. Please find the tutorial how it is applied on Google because here I will only discuss the second way of using the SPD Upgrade Tools which is more simple to implement. Previously please download Jamu ByPass Advan S50K Mantab Jiwa In a genetically without RAR password and Transfer Pulse.

Run the SPD Research Download Tool or SPD Upgrade Download Tools application. Then load the Jamu ByPass file through the leftmost left gear menu I give the number 1

After the Jamu File is loaded perfectly and appears reading Advan S50K Bypass FRP Only Klick menu with Icon Play that I have marked number 2.

Advan S50K in the Dead condition press the volume down key then the connection with the computer using a USB cable. After the S50K device, Advan detected by Research Download and the Flash process goes release volume down key presses.

Wait a few seconds or minutes up to the process of Flash bypass FRP Advan S50K finish and notification appears Passed the green color as shown in the screenshot below:

Unplug the USB cable then turn on Advan S50K, the result Mantab enchanting soul now Advan S50K is freed from the problem locked FRP Google Account is marked with a menu skip in the Google Account Login window.

Demikialah Tutorial How to easily overcome FRP Locked Google Account Dvan S50K using SPD Upgrade Tools and special Jamu File Advan S50K ByPass FRP. Hopefully, this tutorial is easy to understand and practice. Don't forget to Like FansPage, Subscribe and share if this tutorial manages to solve the problem you're dealing with.
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