Easy Ways to Use 2 WhatsApp Without Cloning App

In general WhatsApp, an application can only be used for one number on Android phones. So if you have 2 different numbers registered in WhatsApp can not be used simultaneously unless you can get them with the 2 (dual) WhatsApp install in 1 HP Android.

The most common and widely used way to install 2 WhatsApp apps on one Android PHONE is with the help of Cloning APK application that can be obtained through PlayStore or there is already a Clone application provided by HP Android. But the average result is an obstacle where the WhatsApp application sometimes does not run normally and as it should be with some type of error when running the WhatsApp application results Cloning.

Here I will share how you can use 2 active WhatsApp apps simultaneously in 1 Android phone very easily without having to worry about using the app Cloning APK. In this way 2 WhatsApp applications with different numbers can run normally with no constraints at all and I've proven it.

How to use 2 WhatsApp accounts at once without Cloning app

Do you know You say there is a WhatsApp Non-Official meaning WhatsApp which is not the official developer who looks and functions very similar and even has more features that are not on the official WhatsApp of Facebook today? The WhatsApp alternative app I'm referring to IS FMWhatsApp.

Many circulated that FMWhatsApp is safe to use and anti-Banned, Unlike other applications which when WhatsApp number is detected using the unofficial app directly blocked by WhatsApp and can no longer be used.

FMWhatsApp has more cool and widely available theme options that add more perfectly, you can download the theme on FMThemes in a genetically

The list of menus in FMWhatsApp app Account settings is more complex alias very much, you can increase the security of the account privacy more restrictive than before.

FMWhatsApp provides Official app updates, allowing the FMWhatsApp app to always be Up to Date even if it's not listed in PlayStore.

How are you interested and feel attracted by FMWhatsApp in order to use dual WhatsApp in one HP Android?

If you want to try it, please download FMWhatsApp Official Through its official website.

So Tutorial easy way to use Dual WhatsApp applications in one Android HP with a different number without using application Cloning APK. Easy to practice, 100% Work no Trouble and safe anti Banned.
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