10 Tips for Writing Blog Articles to be Liked by Visitors

Although I'm not a real blogger it doesn't hurt if I share what I've learned. Who knows can benefit. Especially for those who feel ugly writing. Here are tips on writing really cool blog articles to be liked by readers:

#1. Writing like a talk to a friend

It is easiest to have our writing well to read is to write just like we are speaking to a friend. For a friend who rarely speaks especially the Indonesian language may be a bit difficult. The solution is just one, practice, practice, and practice.

#2. Know by topics written

One reason why our writing is not good to read is that we do not understand the topic we write. This is probably one of the reasons why this blog is rarely updated. I'm not a penguin writing something I understand and do not understand.

#3. Don't have Much Ado

Internet users are now super busy. Do not spend time blog reader Buddy just to read the unimportant ADO from Buddy. The ADO can be, but try not to be too long and rambling.

#4. Engage your readers

If a buddy has often read on this blog surely my friend knows if I very often use the word "buddy." The reason is that I want to involve readers of this blog. If in any writing the friend wrote just discussing "me, Me, and Me" or "he, him, and him" then the old visitor will males because it feels not considered. Hehehe...

#5. Use easy-to-understand language styles

Try to use a language style that is easy to understand because not all readers of our blog have the same level of intelligence. Some are intelligent, some are quite intelligent until some are not smart.

#6. Don't write paragraphs too long

Try every paragraph that Buddy writes no more than 3 lines or three sentences. Although this may seem trivial it seems to be very important because the paragraphs are too long to make the eye Cepet Pegel.

#7. Use Subheading

One of the other trivial things that bloggers may often ignore is the use of subheading. The function is the same as number 6, so make eyes get tired quickly

#8. Use bullet points

What I mean by bullet points is like this:

  • This is an example of a bullet point
  • Writing so good to read
  • Not make Bosen

#9. Use images

I used to most males using images on posts. Alasannnya because Ribet and I think it does not matter. But Kalo is now the opposite, using images on the post is a must.

#10. Edit before publishing

After the buddy finishes writing the blog article, make sure the buddy Rereads what Buddy already writes and edits some parts if needed. Fix mistyped words, remove not-so-important sentences, and so on.
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