Which Blog do You Choose, One Topic or Many Topics?

Honestly, there is nothing wrong and nobody forbids if we choose to discuss many topics. But especially for beginners personally, I strongly discourage to choose a lot of topics.


Most novice bloggers who choose to discuss a lot of topics are the result of their confusion because they can't find a topic they really are interested in. Bloggers who like this on average will not last long. Just stay waiting time until their blog is abandoned and not taken care of.

Here are the reasons why I prefer to create a blog with one topic:

1. It's a satisfaction problem

I used to manage a mixed content blog, already have a lot of ends and also a decent income. But honestly, there is no satisfaction that I can take from what I produce.

That's why I am currently deciding to invest my time in developing this blog rather than taking care of a blog that I do not enjoy.

2. Blog Indonesia average blog mixed content

There is no definitive data on this matter. But most of the Indonesian blogs that I encountered are blog mixed content. Kalo already many blogs that like this why we do not try to make something different?

3. Get 100% benefit from blogging

One of the other reasons is far more benefit that we can get if we choose to focus on one blog topic. So it is not a matter of money, money, and money.

Get a loyal Bembaca, loyal supporter, the trust of the reader, all you won't get if your blog discusses a lot of topics.

4. SEO becomes easier

For SEO Affairs We get a lot of profit if our blog focuses on one topic. Posts on our blog tend to be easier to appear on the front page of the search engine because Google knows the blog we focus on the topic.

Also, we will be more easily able to get natural backlinks. The reason is simple, people will more believe in our blog so they want to gladly give away backlinks.

5. monetization is much easier

There may be many who consider monetizing the blog with one topic more difficult than a blog with topics of all sorts of things. The reason is that the end of traffic is losing much.

What is so true?

Not. Precisely monochromatic blog with one topic is much easier. Why? Because for monetization business is not only a matter of how much of the end traffic but also the quality of the traffic.

6. Easy to get post ideas

Many say if our blog only discusses one topic we will have trouble finding the idea of a post. It is not entirely true. Bloggers who argue like that is just a blogger who chooses a topic that he does not so like.

If you choose a topic you're really interested in and mastered I'm sure finding the idea of the post will be much easier.

One topic does not mean to be completely specific. A simple example of the topic "Technology" the topic has a lot of subtopics, from gadgets, the Internet, computers. So there is no reason we are struggling to find ideas.

7. Can be a long-term asset

As long as the topics we discussed will not be stale swallowed by times, then the blogs that we manage can be an asset for the long haul. Why? Because our blog will always be the forefront and dominate on the topic we are in.

Unlike the blog, mixed content is difficult to develop because it does not have a clear direction of goals.

8. Raising a blog mixed content is very difficult..!!

The average blog mixed content can be great because they are managed by a team where every topic on the blog has its own authors.

9. Give your readers useful

Blogging is not a matter of money. No problem blogging to make money, because I also like it, but it is more enjoyable if other than to get the money we can also give something useful for others.

By simply discussing one topic we can convey information or anything to the reader in more detail and depth. Rarely or even I never found a mixed content blog that discusses a topic in detail and depth, which is even confusing.
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