10 Tips for Writing the Perfect Blog Article

You have a blog, and of course, the purpose of you building a blog is for your writing to be read by thousands and even millions of people every day, and people are talking about your blog? The perfect blog post is more than just great content. In fact, the way you format your article posts correctly is equally important for quality content. Readers may not realize that they like the nuances of your writing format, but well-organized and well-designed article posts will also help keep those visitors from reading your writing and sharing to their social media.

In this article, I will give you 10 tips on how to create a perfect content or blog article for your blog so that your blog will have good content and get lots of visitors and visitors like your writing.


Follow these 10 tips carefully and carefully, and carefully create content because if you create articles in a hurry and without regard to some of the tips below, chances are that your articles will not get readers and It would be pointless because it does not get a good ranking of articles in search engines.


Creating content with short but interesting titles is the most important part of your blog posts. You want readers to find your articles easily with simple search keywords. Choosing an accurate title and according to what the reader search is clearly important because the main road seeks machine visitors to know your blog. Try to create a title containing the main keyword and do not make a deceptive title, because once you deceive visitors then the visitor will certainly remember your blog and when finding your blog in search engines they do not Want to get stuck again. Of course, it will hurt you because your blog reputation has been stamped as a cheat.


The perfect blog post will let the reader know what they will read. Unlike a novel or movie, you don't want the essence of a blog post to evolve slowly. Internet readers have a description of attention before heading to the article entirely, so make sure you create an opening paragraph that lays out the post and lets the reader know he or she has come to the right place. If you are a WordPress user and use SEO plugins like All in One SEO and Yoast, then there will be a special settings column to type a description of your content, you can create a good description and also try to contain keywords, This description field allows you to type around 230 to 320 words.


One easy format trick is to organize your posts as a list. Make your different arguments in the form of numbers or bullet points, or include a bold sub-post. For example, you create articles about Top 10 lists and ratings that appeal to your readers and provide clear reasons for your post to read to the end. It also makes the posts organized and also makes the reader understand what are the key points of your article. And the better thing is to create your long post with a table of contents on the opener, making it easier for readers to find important points to read. If you're a WordPress user, you can easily create a table of contents on your posts using the tables of a Content Plus plugin, please read the tutorial here ⇒ How to create a table of contents for WordPress posts and pages.


The perfect blog post certainly has links to other relevant interesting articles. A great blog post also needs to have a large number of related links in the blog. It will also allow visitors to see your other posts and find other interesting things in your blog. This way is also very potent in lowering the bounce rate on your blog so the blog gets good value in the eyes of the search engine.


Making your posts look good is a quick and easy way to make the reader feel happy. Before your post publishes, take the time back to read and see your writing format whether it's up to your liking. Create bold keywords, organized shapes or bullet paragraphs, cut unnecessary content to shorten up post, thicken the title and subject line, and so on. Check back before you publish, so that the post becomes interesting. And don't forget to always use the text format on the title and subtitles with H1-H5 as this is highly liked by search engines.


Using other types of content by adding images or videos is crucial to increasing the interest of the reader. If you're writing a post about a trip, include also the images you visit. If you're writing a piece of editorial, embedding a fun video clip will help illustrate your content. Multimedia Live Post is an important part of a perfect blog post, especially if you have a video channel on YouTube then by adding a video on your blog will automatically add viewers and subscribers to your video via a blog.


For a perfect blog post, it doesn't need to be too long but it's quite a breeze to understand and focus on the topic. As stated earlier, the blog reader has a short attention span. When they search for specific topics, they want articles on the most important point just according to what they want to look for and don't meander between some topics. Unless your post is about strategy in a football team then it requires a very long post. But you also need to make a long post if your discussion aims to make the reader really understand your article.


A perfect blog post will be built with keywords. A simple search using Google AdWords on the subject will let you know which of the related keywords are most frequently searched for. Writing keywords in the title and on the content of the article will make it easy for visitors to find your post and will explain to them that they have come to the right place. Keywords play a crucial role in your articles because if you're wrong in determining your keywords could result in the absence of visitors to your blog.


Although depending on the nature of your blog, making your post with a long-lasting article is indeed very important. There are no long-term article rules that are optimal, but if it is too long also not very good because it could lead to impatient readers and leave your blog. In general, keeping a post under 2,000 words is a good rule of thumb. Create your articles between 800-1500 words per article, and try to discuss your articles with a complete discussion rather than a piece of piece.


Create your unique post! Don't just say what others are saying. If you have the same discussion, surely you have a different way of explaining the topic. A perfect blog post is the content of a unique article and different from the others, do not you copy-paste the writing of others, and even though you copy-paste and include the source, the readers will think better directly read from the source and Leave your blog. To create a unique and compelling article, if you're forced to want to create an article similar to what others are discussing, try to make it better with a more complete discussion and description and nice to read.
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