6 Steps to Start Developing a Blog

If we already have a blog and some content in it, then, of course, we want to have our blog have a lot of readers or visitors. Well, this is where we begin to do the name of the promotion, start to know the name SEO.

1. Stay focused on the content
Content until at any time will remain a major factor in the success of a blog. Create truly quality content. What is quality content like:
  1. Wanted by readers
  2. Unique, different, and original
  3. Useful and helpful
2. SEO
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an attempt to optimize our blog on search engines. If Buddy wants a blog Buddy gets a lot of visitors from the search engine then inevitably the buddy has to deal with SEO.

But the buddy doesn't need to really be an SEO expert to be able to get visitors from the search engines. Using enough basic SEO understanding I think it is enough to help increase blog traffic buddy from search engines.

2. Blogwalking
Blogwalking is simply a ruling activity to someone else's blog while leaving a comment. Blogwalking is an old way often done by novice bloggers to get the end, but until now it's still effective.

Besides getting the end blog walking also has many other benefits, including:
  1. Build a bond with fellow bloggers
  2. Getting backlinks that are one of the most important factors of SEO
  3. Get ideas or inspiration
  4. and others
3. Social Media
It is undeniable that most people spend their time on social media. Take good advantage of social media as a promotional place for Buddy blogs.

4. Forum
On the internet, a lot of forums contain people who have a particular hobby or interest. Join the forums that fit the topic of the blog buddy.

In essence, it is active where a friend's readers often spend time. Buddy can be a dime with them according to the topic that Buddy is interested in and occasionally promotes a blog buddy. Most importantly do not overdo promotion as some forums have strict regulations.

5. Social bookmarking 
Social bookmarking is a site that functions to bookmark pages that are on the Internet online. Many bloggers are using social bookmarking sites as a place to bring visitors and also search for backlinks.

6. Keep Learning
Keep learning to improve your buddy blogging skills. Take advantage of Google as a place to find the information that Buddy needs.
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