8 Reasons Why Your Blog is Bad

Having a blog that is cool and liked by many people is indeed the dream of most bloggers. A lot of effort can be done to make our blog cool, such as using Super wow templates, installing advanced widgets, and so on.

But is it all enough to make our blog cool?

Hmm... Cool or not hard a blog actually depends on the viewpoint of each person. Cool according to Buddy is not necessarily cool according to others. Ugly according to PAL can be cool according to others.

But if the blog buddy goes in the category that I will describe below, then it is certain that blog Buddy is a bad or even ugliest blog.

Here are 8 reasons why your blog is ugly:

1. Blog You mixed content

The first thing that makes your blog ugly and intriguing is because your blogs cover too many topics or the language of the "mixed content".

Sebenernya Nothing is wrong and nobody forbids to discuss too many topics. But surely your blog is so bad. Why?

Because your blog won't have a hallmark and it will also be difficult to get loyal readers. The end will come and go away without recalling your blog again.

2. Blog your blog News

Blog news is actually almost the same as the mixed content blog, which is discussing many topics just more news blogs to the news (yes Iyalah).

Many bloggers prefer to choose to create a blog model here for several reasons:

– The idea of creating unlimited content – getting unlimited visitors – put unlimited ads – etc.

Is it cool? Answer: Just like the mixed content blog above.

3. Your Blog content is mediocre

Whether there are millions of bloggers in Indonesia or even the world. And most of them routinely publish content every day.

If your blog content is mediocre then your blog will be difficult to compete with others and never expect to be the coolest blog.

What is amazing content like? Useful and useful for readers.

4. Blog content you Copy Paste results

Creating original content is not a guarantee that can make your blog so cool especially if your blog content copy-pastes results. I'm not a blog.

5. Your Blog is Superheavy

Do you know if the Internet connection in Indonesia is at the latest in the world? If you know then there is no origin to create a blog with super heavy loading or your blog is branded as the ugliest blog in Indonesia.

6. Design your Blog Overreacting

What do visitors first see when they visit your blog? Yaps, views. I'm sure the buddy all already know. That's why many competing bloggers make the blog look as good as possible.

But most bloggers are too exaggerated in the affairs of view. He intends to be cool instead of being a mess and messy.

Want to know what a cool blog look like? Simple is the best.

7. No Comments Column

I often find a blog whose content is Bener and the more half of the blog owner disable the comment feature so visitors can not leave comments.

Blogs like this are ugly blog blogs.

8. Ads Everywhere

Who the heck does not want to make money from the blog? I don't think there is.

Putting up ads is the easiest way to earn money from blogs. It's just that our blog risk is not cool if we order an ad excessively.


Above are 8 reasons why blog Buddy is ugly. But I emphasize again that it is ugly or not ugly, cool or not cool, all depending on the point of view of each person.
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