Mistakes The Beginner Bloggers Often do

Once you know how to start blogging, then you should listen to some mistakes that novice bloggers often do so you don't have to do the same:

1. Too busy with views

As I've already alluded to a little above, the mistakes that almost done by most beginner bloggers are too busy with the look of the blog. Mutually templates, install-uninstall widgets, etc.

Having a cool blog look is good, but that will make your blog big and known to many people is not because of the look, but because of the content you present on the blog.

2. Concerned quantity of quality

Beginner bloggers usually compete to fill their blog with as many posts as possible in the hopes of quickly getting many visitors regardless of whether their own post-writing results or other bloggers ' tracing results.

3. Read too much information but minimal practice

As a beginner blogger is usually a huge curiosity. Read this read it until his head is filled with information and confused about which one to practice. Better a bit of information but really practiced than most information but not at all used.

4. Inconsistent

In the early days were very diligent to update the post regularly every day, but after that suddenly disappeared somewhere. Updating blogs regularly is very good, but consistency, in my opinion, is much more important.

5. Discussing too many topics

Is the problem Kalo discussing many topics? Not at all. But for sure your blog will be difficult to develop, have no uniqueness, have no identity, and it will be difficult to get loyal readers.

6. Too obsessed with blog stats

A beginner blogger will usually be very diligent to check the number of visitors, Alexa ranking, PageRank, and so forth. A day can check up to hundreds of times. It will not help to increase the number of ends of your blog and will only be a waste of time.

7. Create Too many blogs

Honestly, enough blogger-experienced bloggers who manage a lot of blogs, tens even up to hundreds. But specifically for beginners, it is not advisable to create too many blogs because it will make no focus.

Even though you are no longer a beginner I think managing many blogs is not a necessity. It all depends on your destination. If you want to create a blog to be popular and last long, then there's no reason to manage a lot of blogs.

8. Too ambitious to earn money quickly

It is not undeniable that many bloggers start blogging because they want to earn money. They think the money from the blog can be done overnight, but not so. It takes time, effort and consistency.

I can only make money after two years of blogging. Quite a long time did remember I started really from scratch. You may get sooner or longer. That obviously takes time, effort and consistency.

9. Don't utilize Google's search engine to the fullest

Never mind just a blog problem, any information we can find easily on Google. So take good advantage of Google to learn to blog.
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