Loading Slow Blog due to Many Images and Ads? Here's the Solution

One of the problems commonly faced by beginner bloggers relating to the management of a blog is the poor page load speed of blogs. Where the time it takes to load the overall content of a page overall exceeds the maximum limit of page load speed of Fast Loading Mobile SEO Friendly is 2.5 seconds. You can do a quick check to load your blog page using the featured page load Speed test website from Google such as thinkwithgoogle.com, Pagespeedinsight or Mobile SEO Friendly Test.

You can also use the GTmetrix Website to do a website load speed test if the value shown with the letter D or F symbol is that it means the page load speed of your blog is pretty heavy and bad for SEO

Causes of Blog Loading slow

One very influential factor and a big role of giving a load of blog page loads are there and the sheer amount of JavaScript code. Be it a JavaScript code that comes from a code builder or a JavaScript code derived from AD code such as the AdSense ads JavaScript code, AdNow, MGid and so on. The more JavaScript code compilers of templates in add with JavaSript code the AD Load load page will become increasingly heavier and the effect of your blog is further away from the SEO word.

Besides the second factor that is very influential and contributes greatly to a load of blog pages is a lot of content with supporting images in it. Average blog content with Nice tutorials as well as nice Parwisata many insert supporting images in the content, the goal is to make the content more interesting, accurate and quality and to reinforce and clarify the description to be easily understood by The Pengjung. But it turns out there is a risk to be borne when many blog content contains images attachments that are slow loading and clear blog is not Mobile SEO Friendly.

Then how is the solution to the problem in the above, how can I get the blog page loading fast Although many contain ads and content in the form of images?

Problems and risks that become an obstacle

First, as a blogger especially blog owners with nice tutorials and tourism certainly want to have a blog with quality content as well as give clear information to the reader. While to achieve that goal would not want to use a lot of image media to clarify the description and emphasize the content. If the tutorial or the content of tourism objects presented to the reader only contains a few pictures, of course, the content will not be interesting and less informative. The only way is to keep the content with many supporting images in it. This is a problem and the risk of being an obstacle and need solution solving.

Secondly, as an average blogger wants to earn income from managing blogs by putting up advertisements. The fewer ads that are installed are certainly the chances of ad Klick and the revenue will be small. While installing a lot of advertising banners with the right placement opened the opportunity to increase the revenue klick of ads. This is also the problem and the risk of being a constraint and needs a solution to its resolution.

How to Accelerate Blog Loading

To speed up blog page loading certainly the most potent and practical way is to avoid things that cause blog loading to be slow like too many banner ads put up with JavaScript code and many include images Support in post content. Surely this way, not all bloggers can accept and apply it just so remember a nice blog with the need for a different image media.

As an alternative for those who want to keep the content with many supporting images as well as the installation of banner ads that are quite a lot on the blog page is to minimize the size of the image and install scrip lazy load images and ads. Although this way it is not 100% can solve the problem of loading heavy and slow blog pages. At least it can reduce load page loads, so the blog page can be a little quicker to display in its entirety instead of being able to meet the maximum time limit speed of a website load page based on the Measuring tool page load speed Google's blog.

Things you can do to accelerate page Loading of blogs. 

First: Reduce the size or size of the image by compressing/minimize images to minimize the image size but still retain the quality of the image display. Resulting in a smaller image with a lighter size does not contribute to load as well as a fixed image display or resolution. You can compress or minimize images using image compressing software or it can also be through online image compressing sites such as; compressjpg.com, iloveimg.com, imagecompressor.com, and so on.

Little additional information: for image format with small size but enough image quality can be maintained the resolution is the image format with the extension. webp. More details please read: Tutorial How to reduce the size of a Blog post images

Second: Apply the lazy load script ads and images. In this way, the images or banner ads will not be directly loaded as a whole. So it can provide a pretty good effect of reducing the load page load. New ad images or banners will be displayed gradually following the lazy load script settings. This way is quite effective and proven to be able to reduce the load of the blog page when accessed as well as increase the load speed of the blog. For the tutorial please read: Tutorials How to attach a Lazy Load image and AdSense ads Script

So tutorial how to cope with heavy and slow loading blog due to content that contains many supporting images, as well as many, apply banner advertising on the blog page. Hopefully can provide solutions for those of you who are faced with the problem of bad blog speed is not mobile SEO friendly.
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