5 Keys to Successful Beginner Bloggers

Who the hell guns Kepengin have a cool blog, famous, visitors a lot and certainly can be a place to make money?

Almost all bloggers would want it, although not all bloggers have the goal of being able to be famous or can make money. My advice to beginners who want to plunge into online business and blogging for money:

– Diligent learning and practice

If still, beginners must learn yes (learn and practice). If you have to spend money on learning, be sure to learn from the right people. Do not just choose a mentor, because nowadays many are considered masters in Internet marketing instead of ' MmemangSA ' the beginners. Essentially, investing in learning should also be cautious.

Do not stingy spend money to learn (but do not wasteful as well), think Aja like the cost as we were school first. Learn technical and non-technical staff about the ins and outs of blogging and online business. And the not less important is our consistency in learning and practice.

– Understand Yourself

I think...  I've created a website that I don't matter, I don't like the topic, and its long-term business potential is unclear. Initially the spirit of working on it, long lazy to make the content, getting bored, then the web was dead Suri, and finally, the website is dead for good!

Build a website/blog according to your interests or expertise, or at least it could potentially make a lot of money. Initially, indeed GA likes, but long-time definitely like, who the heck who does not like blogs that make much money? Like and dear to your blog, I think it's very crucial. That way we won't run out of ideas in building content on it...

– Be Unique

Don't like to imitate others. Inspired can and indeed it's a natural thing, I've also often been inspired by bloggers and other online businessmen. But if we build a blog, we should have a uniqueness that other bloggers don't have. Each person must have uniqueness, this will make our blog a liked or disliked visitor.

– Innovation

A blog/website will continue to evolve when there is innovation done by the blog owner. Innovations can be varied, ranging from web design, content creation, promotion strategy, and others. Strive to build blogs as if we are professional bloggers as well as businessmen, for a long time will definitely be professional bloggers and real businessmen.

– Never Give up

Many beginners directly give up when the blog that he has stagnated and does not show traffic development. Or maybe the blog is experiencing the DEINDEX Google (it's horror really hahaha), I know how it feels, trust me! The pain is in the heart, head, stomach, lots of pain. Often feelings of tired and heartache make it lazy to learn and lazy work. Anyway, beginners must be careful with his feelings Deh hehe.

– And others

Point 6 and onward can be continued by others because each person's experience must be different. Part of my experience I've shared above. Hopefully, it can help blogger friends.
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