How to Improve Google AdSense CTR

CTR (Click Through Rate)  is a percentage of ad click Count from the total ad view/impression. Reasonable Google AdSense CTR is generally between 1% to 3%. Blog Buddy may be able to get bigger or smaller CTR. That's because the number of CTR depends on many things, one of which is a topic on the blog buddy. There are several blog topics can get very high CTR, besides there are also blog topics that can only get CTR below 1%.

Below are a few things a buddy can do to improve Google AdSense CTR:

1. Use a simple, not too crowded theme/template
Try to use a theme or a blog template that has a simple layout as well as not too crowded (not too many colors).

2. Do not install too many widgets
Although the blog Buddy uses a simple theme or template if it installs too many widgets then it's just a lie.

3. Use a theme/template that's not too wide
The blog design is too wide will make the visitor's eyes have to move right and to the left to read the content on the blog. Because his eyes tired of not being a Semitic see the ad because it is not focused.

4. Use responsive design
Internet users are now using more mobile devices than desktops. That means having a responsive blog design is a must.

5. Use recommended AD sizes
Google AdSense provides quite a lot of ad sizes to choose from, even Buddy can also create their own ad sizes. But there are only a few ad sizes that have good CTR performance.

Generally the larger the ad size the higher the CTR value is. The reason is definitely that bigger ads will be easier for visitors to see.

6. Put your ads in the right place
Although Buddy has chosen the right ad size if the placement of the ads is wrong then it can certainly not be effective.

Here's a recommendation for the right ad placement to get a high CTR:

  1. Under the Post title size 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  2. Amid Responsive size posts, 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  3. Below the post size 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  4. In the sidebar the size of 300 × 600, 300 × 250, or 160 × 600
  5. In the Responsive size header or 728 × 90

7. Use a combination of image type, text, and link units
Google AdSense provides three types of ads, namely the ad type image, text and also the link unit. Use the three combinations so that the ads appear more varied.

8. Reduce the number of ads
One of the other ways you can improve your Google AdSense CTR is to reduce the number of ads installed. Simply advertise on locations that get high CTR values. For example below the post title or in the middle of a post.

9. Don't mix AdSense ads with other ads
Google AdSense itself does not prohibit to mix AdSense ads with ads from other programs. But it's better to not mix them.

10. Improve Blog Visitors
The latter may not be the way to improve the CTR, but want more, if Buddy has already implemented away 1 to 9 but the CTR of the ad is still low, then the easiest solution is to improve the blog visitors.
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