How to Keep Blog Traffic Stable Despite Infrequent Posts

Posting on a blog regularly and consistently is one of the obstacles that a blogger often faces. No matter new or old bloggers must often experience a lazy sense, have no idea, have no inspiration or no excitement to write a post on his blog.

Especially for bloggers who do not have a hobby background to write like me, every day it tastes want to stop blogging only. It's no secret if more diligent posts usually blog visitors will also increase. But even so, that doesn't mean diligent posts are the only way to increase blog visitors.

Buddy can still increase blog visitors or at least make the blog visitor traffic Stable Although rarely post on the blog, here are some steps you can apply:

Create Evergreen Content

Some of the buddies may have just heard the term Evergreen Content. The purpose of Evergreen content here is a content (content = post) that remains relevant even though it reads anytime, or the language is simple content that is not easy to stale.

Most of the posts on this blog are Evergreen Content which is certainly the reason why this blog traffic is stable even though it never posts for weeks to many months.

Here are some examples of articles that could be referred to as Evergreen Content:

1. Article Guide or Tutorial

The article guide or tutorial is an article that teaches step by step to do something. An example of the most widely read guide or tutorial article on this blog is a blogging learning guide to making money.

2. Definition Articles

In this blog, there is not yet any article of this type, but in the future, I want to fill more of this blog with article definitions. The article definition here means is an article explaining the meaning, intent or concept of a thing. For example, the topic of this blog is about blogging, then I can write an article about "What is a Blog?"

3. Article List

This is my favorite article type, i.e. the article list. The article list is an article that displays a list of things. These articles are usually numbered in the title.

Here are some examples of list articles that are on this blog:

  1. 12 best Blogs in Indonesia in a wide variety of topics
  2. 17 ways to increase Blog visitors
  3. 20 Beginner SEO Mistakes to avoid
  4. and others...

There are many other types of articles that can become Evergreen Content. The important thing to keep in mind when wanting to create Evergreen Content is to make sure that the content we create is a lot to look for. Free if we make a post that is not easily lost based on time but no interest.

Update existing Content

Many bloggers who consider updating our blog should publish new posts, but to update the blog can also update the existing posts.

So when you're not having an idea we can use the time we have to update an existing post. For example, fix a typo, make it more complete, or update the information in it.

There are a few benefits that can be gained if we consistently update the posts on our blog:

  • Make posts more quality over time
  • Got a good ranking on Google because Google likes a quality article and also up-to-date.
  • Of course, if you have a good ranking, you will have an effect on increasing visitor traffic.

Increase in Blog Promotion

The last one I think is most important but many bloggers who do not really stage it, namely the promotion of blogs. Blogging is not just about how diligent posting articles on the blog, but also about how enterprising in promoting blogs.

If our blog has content that is not easily stale, then we must promote the content so that more read. Instead of spending time making new posts a better time to promote existing content. I think that way is much more effective.

The conclusion is obvious, Buddy does not need to post articles blindly so that blog visitors are increasing. But even so, does not mean after reading this post buddy can just laze to post articles on the blog. If it can post articles diligently it will be nicer, but if it feels unwilling (for sensible reasons) then it is better not to be imposed. Use the ways I've written above.
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