5 Facebook's Dangers can Ruin Your Life

With the number of users reaching 2 billion worldwide, Facebook is still the most popular social media. The growing popularity of Facebook, what impact does Facebook provide for human life? Does it make it better or even the opposite?

There is no definitive data to answer the question, but we can see for ourselves the impact surrounding us.

I personally already use Facebook for almost 7 years old. Many things I get from Facebook, from positive to negative.

The positive impact is obvious, being able to communicate with people far away, can find long friends do not meet, can even be used as a place to sell.

The negative effect is honestly not very felt, especially when the first new use Facebook.

After quite a while using the new Facebook feels a lot of negative things that I feel.

The impact I also saw from my closest people who started actively using Facebook, many have changed from them.

What's changing? Below are some of the negative impacts Facebook has on its users by experience and also my observations:

1. Making a hashtag and hard to stop

Perhaps many do not think that Facebook is actually the same as drugs, which can be addictive and difficult to stop.

Facebook is deliberately made so that users become addicted. The reason is that Facebook's main earnings are from advertising.

The longer one accesses Facebook, the more ads you see. The more ads you see, the more money Facebook can get.

For Facebook itself is certainly a big advantage, because their money becomes more and more, but for users, is there any benefit gained from lingering access to Facebook?

2. Waste valuable time

Not the Maanfaat that we get, from Facebook addiction, can precisely hurt our own.

One of the disadvantages is that our precious time becomes wasted just to linger on Facebook without a clear intent and purpose.

The time that should be used for productive things is instead spent just to read the status, like status, status comments, stalking Facebook people, etc.

3. Inflicting a sense of depression

Facebook users generally only show the good side of his life and hide his side of the grandmother on Facebook. It establishes confidence in the user's mind that their friends on Facebook have a happier and more beautiful life.

For example a singles Facebook user. When they look at couples who upload friendly photos on Facebook, they immediately feel severe depression and feel to be the most genes singles in the world. Though actually out there a lot of singles-singles are happy, just that they don't spend their time on Facebook.

4. Become a narcissistic and exhibitionist

From the depression, it began to appear narcissistic nature and exhibitionist from Facebook users.

They start to post all aspects of their life on Facebook. From waking up to sleeping again everything they documented on Facebook.

Do not forget every time they buy their new items immediately post them on Facebook.

This trait arises because they want to get the recognition that his life is also happy and beautiful like his friends on Facebook.

5. Lowering communication skills

When Facebook users have started to get addicted, they become lazy socializing in the real world. Consequently, their communicating ability is reduced.

It is quite alarming, especially for Facebook user's age of children and adolescents. The time that should be used to learn Socialisai with the environment is precisely more shared with friends on Facebook that usually just discuss something that is not important.

Then must how to deal with it?

Facebook isn't really bad, which makes it worse is how we use it. Many benefits can be obtained from Facebook as long as we use it the right way.

The bad impact I've written above will only happen if we use Facebook excessively without any obvious intent and purpose.
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