12 Steps of Earning Money From Blog

The steps to be able to make money from the blog is actually not very difficult, only the process requires patience and a high level of persistence.

There are at least 5 steps you need to skip. These steps are:

1. Determine the topic and target blog readers

The first step is determining the topic and also the target Reader blog. Before you create a blog, you should already know what topics will be covered on your blog and also have determined who the target visitors to your blog.

2. Create a blog

Having found a matching blog topic, the next step, of course, started to create a blog.

3. Create Quality content

Just having a blog is not enough to be able to make money. Next, you need to fill your blog with quality content. Without your blog's quality content, there will be no visitors. Having a lot of blog visitors is one of the key successes of a blog.

4. Promote your blog

Nowadays, the number of bloggers in Indonesia has very much that means competition will be more stringent. Only with quality content is not enough to be able to get a lot of visitors, you also need to promote your blog.

5. Determine the right monetization method

Well, the last thing is the process of utilizing a hard-built blog so that it can make money. This process is called "blog monetization", or the Indonesian language "monetize the blog". There are a lot of monetization methods to do, you should be able to find the right method for your blog because not all blogs are suitable for monetization in the same way.

How to make money from the most popular blogs

Below is a list of 7 ways of earning money from blogs or the most popular method of monetizing blogs that bloggers often use to make money from their blog.

Most of the methods of monetization below I've ever done, but there are a few that I personally have never tried.

But the obvious method of monetization below is the proven methods.

1. Advertise
The first is the most popular among the most popular, namely by putting up advertisements on the blog.

For ways to make money from blogs with ads, There are two ways you can choose.

  • The first is to sign up for the Advertising Networks program or advertising network.
  • The second is to offer a prospective advertiser to advertise on your blog or commonly referred to as Direct Advertising.

Advertising networks 
Advertising networks are a program of services that connect with The advertiser with the owners of the website or blog.

If you want to make money from a program like this, you just need to sign up for the advertising network program, after which you will be given an ad code that needs to be installed on your blog.

The revenue earned is usually calculated whenever someone is on your blog or is commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click). One of the most popular Advertising Networks programs in Indonesia is Google AdSense.

Direct Advertising

Unlike Advertising Networks, Direct Advertising is a way of earning money from blogs where you offer them directly to potential advertisers to advertise on your blog.

The advantage of this method is the earning your blog can be much higher because the ads installed on the blog are not through a third-party intermediary. The price of advertising installs itself varies, generally adjusting to the number and quality of the blog end.

Although you can get higher results, this way it is not easy. The reason is that you should be able to search for potential advertisers who are willing to advertise on your blog.

2. Paid Review

Paid reviews or paid posts are a way of making money from blogs where we earn income by reviewing people's products or services through posts on our blog.

Basically, there's no difference with Direct Advertising, it only makes it a difference if its advertising Direct Advertising is a banner ad, while the ads paid review in the form of a review post.

3. Sell your Own Products

Selling your own products is one way of making money from the best blogs you can do. The reason is that by selling your own products you can earn more and more revenue than using other methods of monetization.

If you use this method you can say you don't make money from your blog directly, because the earnings you get are from selling results. While the function of the blog that you manage will only be the place to promote the products that you sell.

4. Sales of own services

In addition to products, you can also sell services through blogs. How to make money from this blog is perfect for those of you who have an expertise that can be channeled through the Internet.


  • If you are in design, you can provide design services
  • If you are writing, you can provide an article writing services
  • If you are making a website, you can provide website creation services

5. Join the Affiliate Program

For those of you who do not have your own products to sell or have no skills that can be used as a service, joining the Affiliate program is another alternative to choose.

Affiliate is a program where we help promote other people's products or services and we will earn commissions if we succeed in selling those products.

To join an affiliate program like this you can find a provider of products or services that provide affiliate programs or can also be through an affiliate network.

6. Provide membership program

Membership Program is one of the monetization methods that I personally have never tried.

But this method of monetization is proven to provide a decent income because many Indonesian and foreign bloggers have proven it.

The membership program in the base is a program where you provide premium content on your blog and the premium content can only be multiplied by the end of who is already a member by paying some money.

7. Sales Blog

How to make money from the last blog is to sell the blog. So you earn income by creating blogs continuing to sell those blogs to others.

Out there a lot of bloggers – novice bloggers are lazy to create a blog from scratch. If you have money usually they prefer to buy a finished blog.

A lot of ways of making money from blogs can be done. All the methods I've written above are proven methods. If you are new to blogging, then do not make money as the main focus. Because I'm sure it doesn't take you long to decide to stop blogging.
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