5 Early Steps to Start Becoming a Blogger

Getting started into a blogger is actually very easy, but most people are made confused by themselves. Here are 2 basic steps to building a blog that you can do:

1. Set a goal

Are blogging goals important? Very important. If we do not have a purpose then it is certainly our blog will later be unclear the direction of its goal going where, and we also become inconsistent in managing our blogs. Being a true blogger it takes time, effort, and mind. Don't get it all wasted because it doesn't have a clear goal.

2. Define the topic

Choose a topic you're really interested in according to your hobbies or skills. If you choose a topic that you don't really like, then your blog won't last long.

3. Select Blogging Service

There are a lot of services we can use to blogging, such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, and others. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. But I think Blogger is the right choice for you. Aside from being free, bloggers are very easy to use for beginners.

4. Start writing

If you already have a blog then the most important thing is to fill your blog with writing. Start writing what you want to write according to the topic you've specified.

5. Beautify your blog

The real thing is not so important to be done by beginner bloggers but do not hurt Kalo is done not an excessive origin. You can change the template or the look of your blog with a nicer, install widgets to make it even more beautiful, etc. But remember! Don't overdo it because most beginner bloggers are addicted to mutually templates or views that end up just wasting time.
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