Tutorial How to Create a Complete Meta Description Blogger

Meta Description is an HTML code that is part of the HTML code of the theme blog whose function is to describe or give an idea or also be interpreted as a code that outlines the essence of the whole content of a blog. So through these meta description search engines, Google search engines will get what information is on the blog which will then be forwarded to be taken on the search results of keywords on a google search. With the meta description, Google will know and know the content on a blog. In other words with our Blog, the Meta description will be easy to be index and recognized by Google so that our blog will be easy to find by Google users.

To make the meta description not too difficult, buddy bloggers simply follow this step-by-step tutorial following.

First of all, before we create a Meta Description, please buddy blog Chek first whether the theme that is a buddy blogger apply already have/include the Meta Description code or not yet. To check it please visit the site seositecheckup.com For Faster by here.

If the blog buddy blogger turns out to have no meta description, then there will be a warning notification as shown in the image below:

Now we will start creating a meta description on the blog, the second step after we check and it turns out the meta description does not exist on our blog then we will add the HTML code Meta description, just go buddy blogger login at Blogger then we will be taken on the Dashboard Blog page as shown below:

To add a blog Meta description Please write the following code:

Put the code below the < head > It's up to its location, most importantly the meta description should be at the bottom of the area < head >. Write and explain the description of Blog buddy, try to it representing Keselurhan content of the blog content to be more SEO Friendly, do not be too short but also do not be too long to Meta description. If it is too short then automatically the allocation will be less complete but if it is too long Google does not like it.

An important note that the admins accidentally found in making this meta description is since the beginning of the admin manages the blog at the beginning of the year 2014 and new is now inadvertently admins find how to create a meta description at once in It contains Keyword Title

Previously the admin has tried dozens of tutorials on how to add Keyword Title and Keyword Meta Description with additional HTML Meta code. But not successful every time the Admin check on the site SEO Checker Keyword Title Tag and Keyword Meta Description is not yet available/filled.

Turns out pretty simple enough to rewrite the name of our Blog at the beginning of the word Meta Description example like this " Tutorials Online | "Then followed the word purchase give a content blog. All results on Keyword Usage Test result steady Soul Enchanting blog has been listed Meta Keyword Title Tag and Keyword Meta Description.

After the blogger put the code Meta Description and described the contents of the blog, the next step is to click on the Save button. To prove that our blog has already had a meta description please revisit the site seositecheckup.com   then go through the check again.

If when going to check it turns out we are only given one chance, and to continue to have to register to do not panic, just close the browser tab of the site seositecheckup.com then discover Internet network Connection Then connect again, then open a new tab revisit the site seositecheckup.com then do a check.

If successful then the result will be as below, and congratulations... Buddy bloggers have already managed to add description Meta on his expectations blog hopefully blogs become more SEO Friendly. the applies

Quite, So Tutorial how to create a meta Description Blog, thank you have read this tutorial until it runs out, see you in the next Tutorial.
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